Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I went to the movies yesterday. My sister, Hannah (who is almost seventeen), and I decided to go see a movie alone together. We haven't seen anything together without my husband or a band of her many friends since Ocean's Twelve. We decided we were due for a Sister Movie Day. I got her into the Pride and Prejudice movie (the new one with Matthew MacFayden who is a dreamy Darcy!!!) and the Regency love story movie genre so a movie about Jane Austen was perfect for both of us.

I thought Becoming Jane was fabulous! Anne Hathaway silences any criticism about her acting skills with her performance and James McAvoy was wonderful! Julie Walters and James Cromwell who play Mr. and Mrs. Austen did very well, too. Devoted Austen fans everywhere should be pleased! I did my best not to embarrass Hannah by bursting into tears at the end. I couldn't read the credits; my eyes were so watery!

A new favorite! I recommend it to anyone who loves Jane Austen, her stories, or a stunning, Regency love story!

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Jennifer Linforth said...

I am definately going to see this one! I wonder, if you are an Austen fan, if you have read any of the novels continuing her works?

Naturally, as a writer who has continued Leroux's Phantom, I keep tabs on the works out there that dare to expand upon the classics. I have even networked with some of the authors.

Have you read Berdoll's Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife, or Aiden's Fitwilliam Darcy series?

Curious minds want to know.