Monday, January 26, 2015

Upcoming Features & Events....

Howdy, readers! I’m excited to talk about a few fun new features coming here to my cozy corner of the web, starting next month….

Throwback Thursday Book Club

So often I’ve discovered great reads that happen to be five or more years old. I never would have found reading gems like Christine Wells’ Regency romance novel, Wicked Little Game and The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons if I hadn’t started reading titles that aren’t exactly fresh off the presses. So to celebrate titles like these, I’ve decided to open up a new feature on here at The Cozy Page every other Thursday called the Throwback Thursday Book Club. Every other week, readers can find a new recommended read published prior to 2010. You can also comment and recommend your own “throwback” title, which I’ll be happy to include in the following Throwback Thursday Book Club pick….

Book Bundle Giveaways

Yes, that’s right! I had so much fun giving away book bundles last year in honor of my Harlequin Superromance debut, A Place With Briar, that I’m bringing back book bundles giveaways to Cozy. I have three of these giveaways planned so far this year, starting with a special Valentine’s Day bundle next month. Be sure to check back in next month for more about our first giveaway of the year and others to follow….

Adopt a (Used) Book Reader Service

This is more for readers who have subscribed to my official mailing list, but I wanted to go ahead and mention it anyway. While sorting through my book collection, I realized 1) how little room I have for books on my shelves and 2) how difficult it is to part with these books. There’s little I can do in the first case. However, giving away these books would be buckets easier if I knew that they could somehow find their way into loving homes. (Yes, for me, bringing books home is much like adopting a pet). To that end, I’ve been tossing around the idea of opening up a used book adoption service for readers. Every month in my official author newsletter, I will list titles by genre of used books that are still in good to fair condition. From there, readers will then be able to enter in the drawing for 1-3 listed titles of their choice. There’s something for everyone – romance, sci-fi/fantasy, even a little erotica and non-fiction. A winner will be chosen at the first of every month, except for the months that include a book bundle giveaway here at my blog. All that I ask of winners in return is that they add the titles to their own keeper shelves if they are so inclined or (if a title isn’t to their liking) to keep the used book service going by donating them to their local library, book group, or Salvation Army. So what do you think? Does this sound like a service you’d be interested in? I’d love some feedback on it as I toss around ideas for it throughout the next couple of weeks….

Speaking of February, I’ll be blogging both at Roses of Prose and Super Authors on Friday, February 6th. At Super Authors, I’ll be sharing my latest cooking catastrophe. And on Roses of Prose, I’ll be sharing a special “slice of life” from the hero and heroine of A Place With Briar.

Throwback Thursdays will begin here at Cozy on February 5th so be sure to check in next week for this exciting new feature as well as details on the Valentine’s book bundle giveaway which begins on Sunday, February 8th.
As a bonus, the third book of my hometown series for Harlequin Superromance not only has its own title and release date. His Rebel Heart isn’t due on shelves until July of this year; it has it’s own Goodreads page already. Add it to your To Read list today. C’mon, you know you want to!

Oh, and there might be a Mardi Gras-themed update within the next week!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

MARRIED ONE NIGHT Book Tour & Reviews....

I’m officially on tour! My virtual book tour, that is, for my latest Harlequin Superromance novel, Married One Night. I must thank Pump Up Your Book, bloggers, readers, and reviewers who have made the launch of Married One Night such a positive experience. Also a huge thank you to those who have spread the word about Married One Night. If you see the book on shelves while you’re out and about throughout the month, send me a picture via my CONTACT address and I’ll post it here on my blog plus Facebook and Twitter with a special "thank you" message….

Since we’re midway through the tour, here's a recap of excerpts and reviews as well as guest posts and interviews.

Guest Posts & Interviews….

The irrepressible heroine of Married One Night, Olivia Lewis, had the privilege of being interviewed by The Literary Nook. See what she had to say about the hero, Gerald, and her thoughts on her role in follow-up books.

I was interviewed by The Writer’s Life eMagazine. Find out what my advice is to new writers as well as what message I hope to get across most to those who read my books.


My monthly post at Roses of Prose included the first excerpt from Married One Night. Also I explain why my characters can’t “Keep Calm…” though they do indeed “…Carry On.”

My monthly post at the Super Authors blog included a fun, exclusive excerpt featuring Olivia and Gerald as well as what it was like writing the British hero and researching British slang.

There have been several first chapter reveals. You can read the first chapter of the book at any of the following sites: What Is That Book About, Authors & Readers Book Corner, Bookingly Yours, My Life: One Story at the Time.

Book Reviews….

Reviewer Cassie of Southeast by Midwest has given Married One Night 4.5 Stars! Here’s a bit of what she had to say about the book:  

“This was a really enjoyable romance novel, much more so than I would have thought. The characters were all really well written and I was rooting for Gerald all the way through. The writing in this really makes me want to go and find Amber Leigh Williams other works and read those as well!”

To read the full review from Southeast by Midwest, click here.

Reviewer Brenda of Crazy Four Books has given Married One Night a lovely review! Here’s a bit of what she had to say about it:

This book was sexy, sweet and surprising. I was drawn in from the beginning and it only got better as the pages went on. I laughed, cried, sighed, and yes, I got angry once or twice too. There is something to be said about books and authors that evoke such a mixture of feelings. If you like your romance with interesting characters, a decent amount of pages, a pace that is just right, and a plot that will keep you reading and not wanting to quit, you'll want to get this one! I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. It was just wonderful.”

To read the full review from Crazy Four Books, click here.

Reviewer Gayle of Books, Reviews, Etc. has given Married One Night 4 Stars! Here’s a bit of what she had to say about the book:

This book was quite humorous.  It's not your ordinary book about Earls and Dukes and their romantic escapades. The author put the humor in it and that totally changed the book.  It's nice to occasionally have a romance where the couple is already married but trying to woo each other.  Good read!”

To read the full review from Books, Reviews, Etc., click here.

Reviewer Becky of Becky on Books has given Married One Night 3.5 Stars! Here’s a bit of what she had to say about the book:

“Gerald is an easy hero to like. He’s a bestselling author, and he’s got a delicious British accent (at least it was delicious in my head) and uses some charming English colloquialisms, many I’d never heard before and several that led to some really adorable misunderstandings with Olivia. The ending involves our hero in a kilt. So–win-win.”

To read the full review from Becky on Books, click here.

A reviewer for Romance for Every World has given Married One Night 4.5 Stars! Here’s a bit of what the website had to say about the book:

“I have to say that I absolutely loved this book. It was one of those books that has such a cute story that you just have to keep reading. I felt like I lived vicariously through the heroine, Olivia Lewis. It is such and heart-warming story that leaves you feeling just plain happy at the end. The hero, Gerald Leighton is the perfect hero—handsome, charming, an English accent and a strong desire to win over his bride's heart. This is a quick read and is the definition of a 'super romance'. ….Great characters and a super cute story.”

To read the full review from Romance for Every World, click here.

That wraps up the virtual book tour so far! I’ll be posting more reviews and guest posts as we go along. If you’d like to keep up day-to-day with tour events, visit Pump Up Your Book. Visit Married One Night's Goodreads page if you'd like to join the book discussion and read more reviews.
Married One Night is on shelves and in stores now. The ebook is available wherever ebooks are sold. Get your copy today!




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I hope you’re enjoying October so far. The Halloween decorations are slowly going up and I’ve drank half a dozen pumpkin spice lattes in the last few weeks. I’ll be posting my annual pumpkin-carving gallery here for the last week of October so stay tuned for that and more fall festivities….

Happy reading!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

MARRIED ONE NIGHT Available Now....

I’m thrilled to announce that today my new Harlequin Superromance novel, Married One Night, hits bookstore shelves!

What happened in Vegas…followed her home! 

Olivia Lewis is not the marrying type. So when a wild weekend in Vegas leaves her with a surprise husband, she’s happy to sign anything to erase her mistake—even if that mistake is handsome, charming and comes with an English accent. Fortunately, her groom has other plans. 

Bestselling author Gerald Leighton knows he can make his new bride fall in love with him—he just needs time. In exchange for a quickie divorce, Olivia grudgingly gives him a few weeks to attempt to woo her. And whether Olivia likes it or not, Gerald plans on using every second to win her heart!


There’s a special release day book blitz going on today, thanks to Pump Up Your Book. If you happen across one of the following banners on the web today or tomorrow, you’ll be able to enter a giveaway for a $25 Amazon Gift Card. The winner will be drawn on October 3rd and announced here, on Twitter, Facebook, and my website HOME page. (Hint: To find the banner, follow @PumpUpYourBook on Twitter and be on the lookout for Married One Night Book Blitz tweets throughout the day!)

In addition, my virtual book tour for Married One Night begins next Monday, October 6. Follow along at Pump Up Your Book or my blog once it begins so that you may read reviews, excerpts, and more fun and exclusive details from the book!


And speaking of reviews, a huge thank you to RT Book Reviews who have awarded Married One Night with 4.5 Stars!


A special shout-out also must go out to Graphics by Sharlene who designed these gorgeous book graphics for Olivia and Gerald’s book and my special book launch Twitter banner….


If you happen to see Married One Night out and about at your local bookstore, send a photo to my CONTACT email address and I’ll post it on my blog, Twitter, and Facebook page along with your name and a thank you message. My October newsletter goes out tomorrow so if you aren’t yet a subscriber, click on the pink button on the sidebar.

Oh, and the Goodreads giveaway for a paperback copy of my first Harlequin Superromance, A Place With Briar (April 2014) will be available for entry until October 3rd so don't miss out!

Happy reading!

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Last Friday, I had the privilege of blogging at SuperAuthors for the first time as a new member of the Superromance group blog. I took that opportunity to debut the gorgeous cover art of my second Harlequin Superromance novel, Married One Night (October 2014). And here for you now, Cozies, is your first look at the cover and blurb….

What happened in Vegas…followed her home!  
Olivia Lewis is not the marrying type. So when a wild weekend in Vegas leaves her with a surprise husband, she’s happy to sign anything to erase her mistake—even if that mistake is handsome, charming and comes with an English accent. Fortunately, her groom has other plans.
Bestselling author Gerald Leighton knows he can make his new bride fall in love with him—he just needs time. In exchange for a quickie divorce, Olivia grudgingly gives him a few weeks to attempt to woo her. And whether Olivia likes it or not, Gerald plans on using every second to win her heart!

I had a lot of fun writing this one. Though it stands alone as a novel, it features one of the colorful secondary characters from my April Superromance, A Place With Briar. Olivia was a departure for me as a heroine. It’s always interesting, as an introvert, to step into the shoes as someone who is as extroverted as this heroine. But the fun really kicked in when I introduced her to her British hero, Gerald Leighton, who was inspired in large part by none other than the lovely and charming English actor, Tom Hiddleston. You can see more about how I was inspired by Tom, his sword-fighting skills, and his ability to wear to a tailored suit to purrrfection on my Pinterest board for Married One Night!

Stay tuned for my September newsletter, which will include details about my virtual book tour for Married One Night as well as a very special Goodreads giveaway! (If you haven’t yet subscribed to my mailing list, find the link to do so on the right sidebar….) Also stay tuned for excerpts and more exciting behind-the-scenes extras involving Married One Night!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday....

It’s a relatively new tradition of mine to bake a new cake for Easter weekend. Last year, I attempted my first carrot cake. It was some of my best baking to date. The best part? The cream cheese icing! And the crumbled pecan topping gave it just the right amount of crunch. Mm, bon app├ętit!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tink's Hump Day Heroes: Casey Ridge....

Happy Hump Day, everybody! Tink is continuing her sojourn down in West Texas. For a moment, I thought she wasn’t going to check in. She’s enjoying her time in Wayback with these cowboys far too much. Today she’s interviewing the hero of Bluest Heart, the second novella in my Ridges of Wayback, TX trilogy. This cowboy has enough charm and clean-cut appeal to make your heart melt. And he’s got it bad for the town bad-girl, Josie….
Tink: Name?
Casey Ridge
Tink: Hair color?
Sandy blond

Tink: Eye color?

Tink: Occupation?
Casey: My father, Leland, owns a cattle ranch in Wayback called Ridge Range. It’s been in the family since before I was born. My big brother, Keefe, my little sister, Stella, my friend and brother-in-law, Judd Black, and I all work as hands there. I also sometimes join the calf-ropin’ competition at the town rodeo on the weekends.

Tink: Hometown?
Casey: Ma’am, I’m proud to say I was born and raised right here in Wayback, West Texas.

Tink: Are you the first one on the dance floor or not so much?
Casey: I’ve been known to two-step a time or two. Especially if my girl, Josie, is singing at The Blue Bug Saloon.

Tink: What is your preferred mode of transportation?
Casey: A company 4x4.

Tink: Would you rather tell someone you love them or show it?
Casey: In Josie’s case, both. Most people know I’m good on my word, but I have a feeling my girl needs more than that.

Tink: Who is the person you look up to most in life?
Casey: My father, Leland. Hardest-working man I know.

Tink: Travel to the past or into the future?
Casey: I like the present, especially with Josie warming up to me.


Tink: What would you give your heroine if you needed forgiveness?
Casey: Josie’s been hurt a time or two in the past and it’s taken forever for me to get past that tough armor she carries herself in. I hope I’m never so careless as to lose her trust or her faith in me. For the sake of the question, though, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for the sake of forgiveness. She’s worth it.

Tink: Would you describe yourself as more alpha or beta?
Casey: I guess I’m a little bit of both.

Tink: Would you make the first move or wait it out?
Casey: It depends on the situation. I’m not above making the first move or waiting it out.  

Tink: Do you have a favorite song?
Casey: That Kenny Chesney song. “Baby You Save Me.”

Tink: What is your idea of a dream date?
Casey: We could take the horses up into the range hills. There’s a little creek on the northern border that’s real nice. Bring a basket of Josie’s chipotle chicken. Maybe go skinny dippin’ :-)

Tink: Karaoke: yes or no?
Casey: Only when it’s warranted. And only if Keefe goes first.

Tink: And – most importantly – do you wear boxers, briefs, or commando?
Casey: Usually, I wear boxer-briefs. But summer in West Texas is brutal. Sometimes I choose to go a little commando. I don't think you'll mind my saying so too much ;-)

Certainly not, Casey! As always, thank you for answering Tink’s intrusive question with such charm and ease. Dang, I love that cowboy! Readers, if you would like to know more about Casey Ridge and his hard-to-get cowgirl, Josie, you can find the ebook for just $2.99 at The Wild Rose Press, Amazon, and wherever ebooks are sold. Find the audio book at Audible.

Be sure to check back next week for Tink’s final backlist hero and her last Wayback cowboy, Keefe Ridge….

[Authors: In May, I’m opening up the Tink Hump Day feature to guest authors. If you’re interested, please send an email to with subject line: Tink’s Hump Day Heroes. Thanks!]

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Book Tour Update + Contests & Winners....

Just an update on A Place With Briar’s virtual book tour stops, contests and prize winners….

Sunday, I revealed the title of my October Superromance novel, Married One Night, at Roses of Prose. Writers, for my 5 Keys to Surviving a Successful Revision, visit the group blog here….

Monday, I was at author Carol A. Spradling’s blog talking about fiction vs. reality. Have you ever wondered how much of a writer’s real life winds up in his/her novels? (I also talk about how the British hero of Married One Night winds up wearing a kilt!) Find the answers here at Carol’s blog….

Yesterday, the hero of A Place With Briar, Cole, was at Rogue’s Angels filling out a customer survey for the heroine’s bed-and-breakfast. Find out what Cole really thought the inn sheets and Briar’s hospitality. There’s still time to enter to win the Ridges of Wayback, TX novella of your choice as well! See Rogue’s Angels for more details….

Tomorrow I will be interviewed by the Plotting Princesses. Friday, I will journey to Susana’s Morning Room. And Saturday will be my all-day Facebook chatting event at Coffee Time Romance’s Mocha Milieu where there will be yet another gift card giveaway. Stay tuned for all this and more….

Now for a round-up of contest winners. Good news: all three of the Fool for Romance Contest book bundle winners have contacted me to receive their prizes – thank you! If you see your name below and have already contacted me regarding your prize, please disregard this posting. If you are a winner and you have not yet contacted me to claim your prize, please do so at

Just Contemporary Romance Giveaway for a trade paperback edition of Forever Amore
Winner: Julie O.


RR&H Novel Thoughts & Book Chat Giveaway for $15 Books-a-Million Gift Card
Winner: Tabitha Jones

A very special thank you to all those who participated in these tour stops and others. At this time, I do not know the winner for the Harlequin Junkie Rafflecopter giveaway for a $15 Barnes & Noble Gift Card. Please check back within the next few days. I’m sure I’ll have a winner announcement soon. I would like to say thank you so much to those who joined the discussion there about wounded/damaged heroes in romance! It was a wonderful debate and I added many of your recommendations to my own TBR list!

One last bit of good news - In the next week or so, I will be joining a new group blog, the Superromance Authors blog at! I'm thrilled to be a part of this new group of distinguished authors and can't wait to get started. Stay tuned for my first post there....