Wednesday, October 31, 2007

No More Voting Shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m ticked. I’m so glad I have this little chunk of cyberspace to rant about it, too, because whenever I begin to talk about voting shows with family or friends, they look at me like I’m stupid. This way you all can STILL look at me like I’m stupid, but you can’t hurt my feelings because I can’t see you. Muahahaha!

I vowed never to watch American Idol again after Melinda Doolittle was voted off last season. I should’ve seen the signs after that whole Sanjaya fiasco! (By the way: just googled—well, “yahooed”—his name for research purposes and came up with 1,510,000 different links. What is wrong with people these days?) Then Melinda went home and I threw in the Idol towel.

Last season, I tried to get into Dancing with the Stars. I gotta admit it: I love Joey Fatone, but the episode I watched just didn’t grab me. When writer's block hit me three weeks ago, I was in serious need of a new hobby. By chance I came across the Full Episode Player. I caught up on all my favorites: The Bachelor, Desperate Housewives, and a new treat starring Sally Field, Calista Flockhart, Rachel Griffiths, and Rob Lowe to name a few on the all-star cast of Brothers and Sisters. Once I’d watched and re-watched every minute of these secret (now not so secret but oh well) fetishes, I had to fill my time with something else.

I don’t know why I picked Dancing with the Stars out of the long list of interesting options. Perhaps because Women’s Murder Club wasn’t available on the player yet. After the first DWTS episode, it became my new “thing.” I looked forward to it every Monday night more than The Bachelor, a huge shocker since this season boasts “the sexiest bachelor ever”…or so they say…. I loved the banter between host, Tom Bergeron, and the judges, Carrie Anne Inaba, Len Goodman, and Bruno Tonioli. (I wish Samantha Harris would get pregnant again so her understudy Drew Lachey could come back to co-host!) As soon as my sister learned I’d become engrossed in DWTS, she rightly chided, “You have way too much time on your hands.”

Nevertheless, I picked my favorite couple from the first week. I thought Sabrina and Mark’s Cha-Cha-Cha shot them straight to the finals. I was comforted that their place in the top two was destined from that first dance and then again after their perfect paso doble and then again after that sizzling rhumba last week. They’re still wiping the sweat off the seats after that one. Wasn’t this romantic delighted when rumors started circulating about their obvious chemistry? Kisses, sweet looks, hand-holding, a few “baby’s” here, an “I love you” in the end there—both young and single and cute as buttons…. Fans began to root them on for their outstanding dancing and because of what might be happening underneath the terrific costumes.

I should've seen it coming from the moment sweet-faced model and immensely entertaining Albert Reed left the show in the second week. I wasn't the only one in America shocked by Sabrina and Mark's elimination last night. Conspiracy theories immediately began to mount: the phone lines weren’t working, the show's rigged for melodrama (as if Marie Osmond's collaspe last week wasn't enough...) Outraged fans called for recounts across the web. Oi! Why haven't the producers of these voting shows learned that they don't work like they should? They've become nothing but popularity contests which easily-angered people like yours truly just don’t need to watch…or any other reality television show, for that matter. The mind reels as to why they can't let the judges determine who stays or goes. I mean, really, what else do you pay them for? Their good looks? *raspberry*

I’ve read most of the blogs and comments about Sabrina and Mark’s shocker. One forum-runner rightly re-christened it "Popularity with the Stars." It lost a lot of devoted fans with this ridiculous turn of events. Voting shows might be popular, but 90% of the time THEY JUST AREN'T RIGHT!

*tucking my Irish away and turning in….

**Perhaps it's a good thing my DWTS obsession has officially ended.... I got over my writer's block and got back to work this past week. I've slated to finish my current WIP in mid-November so work, work, work is on the way! I must resist the episode player....

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