Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What Happens When Amber Drinks Too Much Caffeine???

The true nature of this post is to discuss my latest infatuation. I am now officially a coffee drinker. Oh, woe, Amber! How did this happen? Dunno. One minute I was an innocent, no-coffee-thank-you-sweet-tea-for-me-cuz-I'm-a-little-lady-from-the-South, the next I'm bringing home my mommy's back-up 4-cup coffeemaker (nothing bigger needed since my smart hubby refuses to drink the stuff), coffee filters, and a bag full of pumpkin spice flavored coffee grounds I purchased at my favorite bookstore, Books-a-Million (if you like flavored coffee, TRY IT!!!!)

I'm convinced this all started the week of Thanksgiving when my mother, my sister, and I went to do a little pre-holiday shopping at the new Kohl's store. Somehow my sister and I ended up fixated on a display of Christmas-y ceramic and travel mugs. My sister wanted the travel mug that said "Dear Santa, Let me explain..." because she wanted it for hot cocoa on the way to school, leaving me with no choice but to get my version of that in ceramic: "Dear Santa, Let me tell you the whole story..." I get home with my new mug and...what do I do with it? It's too cute to leave in the cabinet for the once in the blue moon when I fix hot cocoa. What's a girl to do?

Drink coffee, apparently.

But coffee-drinking is not my latest infatuation. No, my very-latest-to-the-minute infationation is coffee mugs. The "Dear Santa" thing started it all. Soon I see cute coffee mugs floating around everywhere! One for each holiday. One for each day of the week. One for each day of the year!!! Ha,ha! One for each person on your you-must-buy-them-a-Christmas-present-or-perish-from-the-earth list!

These are the super-cute ones I came across while perusing my local BaM:

One for your boss: "Are You Talking To Me Before I've Had My Coffee This Morning?"
One for your single friend: "Men Are Like Chocolate: Better Rich"
One for your married friend: "Mom's Taxi"
One for your hubby (and my personal favorite): "Does Not Ask For Directions"

The Mighty Nora is into it, too. At her Turn the Page Bookstore site ( you can buy the "Coffee, coffee will keep me sane" Eve Dallas quote travel mug. (*ahem* Can I have one with Roarke's face on it?)

Even my publisher has caught the must-have-coffee-mugs craze! You can get the TWRP logo mug in small or large. Look how pweetty: (

There's a mug for every personality on earth!!! But, no, I only bought one mug this holiday season, my perfect mug soulmate which features a blond (my fickle muse, Tink, whom if you've read my blog before, you probably know just by the sneer I'm currently wearing) lounging in a chair in her bathing suit on a sunny beach with a phone to her ear (that's me on the other line calling her home so I can stop this potentially-helpful-to-someone-other-than-me procrastination and reach my daily word count). The mug's overhead caption reads, "I'm in a meeting!"

SO, still don't know what to get that whoever in your life for Christmas? Have you not been listening to me, you insane-last-minute-shopper you!

Coffee mugs!

*incessant ramble ending now*
Stay tuned for more caffeine-induced, holiday-flavored storytime!

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