Saturday, January 10, 2009

BLACKEST HEART: "Fantastic Read" Review

WOW, Writers & Readers of Distinctive Fiction give Blackest Heart the "Fantastic Read" seal! Here are reviewer Vasiliki Scurfield's comments:

A touch slow to start, this story soon develops a fast pace and gallops along taking the reader from one event to another. The romance that develops between Judd and Stella is really believable. I was concerned initially about whether Ms Williams would be able to make it work as the time scale is quite small and there is a lot of other stuff packed in. But it does work and it works very well too. The other characters are believable too and the story kept me pinned to my seat while I gobbled it up. There's a lot happening in this story that isn't mentioned in the blurb. Some major conflict comes from Stella's older brother - I won't say more. It's up to you to read the story to find out what happens.

I love Judd. He appealed to me from the outset and he is absolutely gorgeous. I’m not a great Western/ cowboy fan myself but this story went a long way towards converting me. Ms Williams has a good writing style; polished and confident, and I look forward to reading more of her work in the future. Definitely recommended.

Holy cow, I'm floored!!! Thank you so much, Vasiliki!
More good news: A Summer's Hope will be included in TWRP's full-color ad in the June issue of Romantic Times and may even receive a review from RT. Fingers definitely crossed there. And it looks as if Fox & Hound may be in print by my first booksigning with fellow romance authors Cynthia Eden, Allison Knight, and Bess McBride at the local library on February 11th. More details on the signing and F&H to come! Until then, *snoopy dance*


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