Sunday, February 1, 2009

Romancing February Kick-Off!!!

Ready to party? I’m thrilled to be kicking off the Romancing February blog tour here at For the Love of Writing. OMG—is it February already? Wow and yay! Though it’s a bit nippier than anyone on the Gulf Coast anticipated, the sun’s shining and this month we celebrate my favorite holiday!

I knew Valentine’s Day was special even before I had someone special to celebrate it with. It always gave me the same wonderful, tingly anticipation that reminds me of golden champagne bubbles rushing to the surface. Still I smile over the elementary school days when everyone got a white paper bag with their name for cards and candy. Being the sappy sentimental sort, I saved mine, of course…the bags and the cards ;) Valentine’s Day is also the anniversary of that sweet moment exactly three years ago when my DH got down on his knee and proposed. Even at that moment when I said “Yes!” I had no idea he and I would grow together as perfectly and strongly as we have.

Yet as the years have passed, I’ve come to understand what Valentine’s is all about. I love flowers. I really, really do. Almost as much as I love flowers, I love those heart candies and the big red heart-shaped lollipops. And jewelry…well, a girl can never have enough of it…especially in regard to diamonds. I do love me some diamonds. But let’s blink the stars from our eyes and think for a moment. What’s all the fuss about to begin with?

The most popular legend goes like this: in the third century, a Roman emperor by the name of Claudius outlawed marriages for young men, his prospective soldiers, determined in his belief that it would make his army more powerful without distraction or weakness. When it was discovered that a priest called Valentine was still marrying young lovers on the sly, he was sentenced to death. In honor of that noble sacrifice, he was later martyred by the Christian church as Saint Valentine. I’d say he earned a day to be celebrated in his name!

The History Channel seems to have gone all out for February with movie guides, trivia, videos, and games. You can join the fun and learn more about the history of Valentine’s at I enjoyed reading quotes, love letters from presidents, and a list of the greatest couples throughout history.

Okay, now that the lesson’s over we can move onto the fun! In February 2003 while watching my favorite television show The Bachelorette (Trista and Ryan 4-eva!), a DeBeers diamond commercial aired. Since, I haven’t been able to get enough of them! Here’s my five favorite DeBeers commercials (some of these are probably familiar :)

#5—I Forever Do (a.k.a. “Steps”)

#4—Morning Surprise

#3—Stand By Me

#2—Love Rocks


Anybody else have chills? I’m enjoying an early bubbly champagne moment. *BG* All right, I promised a prize. Comment to this post, tell me about your favorite real-life Valentine’s moment or even link your favorite Valentine’s commercial. At the end of the day I’ll draw names for the big prize, a free e-copy of my debut novel, romantic adventure Fox & Hound:

In the world's most romantic city, fates collide in the most unexpected way and two of the world's most elusive jewel thieves are forever changed by a Louvre heist gone wrong.

After three years in prison, Todd goes after the woman who ruined his life, seeking revenge and the diamond she stole from him. He learns that Celestia doesn't have the diamond either. She was used by her partner, master thief Tito Bandero.

Todd and Celestia form an unlikely partnership to take back what is theirs and redeem themselves. Bandero is planning to steal three of the world's most coveted diamonds, but the ones he wronged—Fox and Hound—plot to take them first.

What Todd and Celestia don't count on? The power of attraction. When the quest grows dangerous, which will they choose: payback or each other?

“Outstanding Read” —Simply Romance
“Smokin’ hot!” —Long & Short Reviews

Paris, romance, diamonds, a hot Texan hero capable of charming a stubborn lady like Celestia down to her toes… February’s looking a little warmer already!

For commenters who wish to post anonymously, please leave a name. I will post again after ten o’clock central time tonight to announce the winner so stop back by. To continue Romance February’s month-long party and win more prizes (and have a chance to win a $75-dollar gift card from The Wild Rose Press at the end of the month), be sure to follow the fun to fellow romance author Ann Campbell’s blog tomorrow:



Dena said...

Hi Amber, I like all the commercials you listed. My favorite Valentines Day was when my then boyfriend took me out to a very fancy restaurant then to a great concert in Seattle. After the concert we went down to Pioneer Square and had a blast there before we headed home on the last ferry.

Skhye Moncrief said...

Great post, Amber! We couldn't kick off the Romancing February event any better. ~Skhye

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Nice kick off, Amber! :) I wish I had a wonderful Valentine's Day memory, but it's never been a big deal holiday for me. I didn't date much in high school, and my hubby is not very romantic. That's not to say I wouldn't mind a sweet memory in the future, but I'm not going to hold my breath. :)

I've got Denied Origin and Blackest Heart, but I could use a copy of Fox and Hound. :)

Happy February everyone!

Babyblue22 said...

Hey Amber,
Loved the post, it's definitely got me in the valentine moood already. I found this commercial and i love it. I have a son and I would love him more if that's even possible, if he did that whats in this commercial for me on Valentines Day.


Wendi said...

Thanks for the history lesson, Amber! I love stuff like that. :) My dh and I always did the traditional romantic dinner on Valentine's day and after we had our son, we included him. About five years ago, I decided I wanted to make a really nice dinner at home instead of going out. So I made some of our favorites including lobster bisque and chocolate covered strawberries. I decorated the table in our nicest dinnerware and added flowers and sparkle. We liked it so much, that eating a nice dinner at home has become our tradition. Last year while the three of us were enjoying our Valentine's dinner, my son said, "When I have a girlfriend, she'll get to have Valentine's dinner with us too, right?" How sweet is that? His girlfriend may not be so keen on the idea, but I thought it was neat that he was. :)

Wendi Darlin

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Great blog, Amber, your childhood Valentine's Day memories really brought me back. Sadly, those are my best memories, exchanging cards in school, sharing candy. Or in HS we would have a carnation sale each year; red for your sweetheart, pink for your secret crush, and white for your friends. That was always fun, collecting white carnations from all my friends, and my bf would present me with a red one every year. ;-)

Like Stacey, I don't have any memorable Valentine's Days to share (I'm lucky if he remembers most years...LOL), but then, I'm well used to it.

Great kick-off, Amber!

Becky said...

Great Post, I enjoyed the history lesson and liked the commercials you have listed. I don't have a memorable Valentine Day. My dh will usually get me flowers though, and if he doesn't have to work we might go out for dinner. Otherwise, we really don't celebrate Valentines Day.

Sandy said...

Great post, Amber. I don't have any memorable times on Valentine's Day though. My hubby isn't very romantic. lol

Beppie Harrison said...

Enjoyed your post, Amber! My dearly beloved observes Valentine's Day with his settled routine: a heart-shaped box of chocolates, whether I'm on a diet or not. But he does help me eat them.

I think probably we are the ones who feel mushy about Valentine's Day. Just as well somebody does!

tigger9 said...

I haven't ever had a romantic valentine's day. I hope I do though. My grandparents always make sure that we get candy. My mom always gives me a card and some candy.

Val said...

I enjoyed coming here today. I had a Mom that was very creative and we always decorated our home for every holiday,my name is Valerie and my birthday is near Valentine's Day so I always loved the holiday. Happy Valentine's Day!

Eleyne said...

Hi, Amber. I missed making Valentine boxes like the ones I used to have as a kid at school, so I was thrilled when my youngest daughter asked me to help make one for her. We made froth of tulle, beads, lace, flowers, and ribbons. I don't know if SHE was disappointed when she didn't win the box contest, but I was. LOL.

Fox & Hound sounds exciting and I would love to win a copy.

Kytaira said...

DH and I aren't very big on Valentine's Day.

But here's a commercial I found that I thought was funny. I love the play on words.

Donna Hatch said...

My favorite Valentine's was when I celebrated it with my husband of only a few months. Spending it with the man I love and who was totally committed to me was the most romantic Valentine's day ever! And 21 years later, we're still happily married.

Phyllis said...

I usually get a nice card from my DH but that's about it. He's not very romantic either (I see a pattern here. LOL) My best memory of Valentine's Day that I have is receiving a postcard from my husband who was a coast to coast long distance truck driver at the time. He knew he wouldn't make it home so he mail me this postcard with roses on one side and he wrote me a very nice message on the other side. I still have the postcard.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Judy said...

Great post. Enjoyed the commercials. We go out to eat usually for Valentines!

Debra St. John said...

One of my very favorite diamond slogans is from the movie "How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days": Frost Yourself.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of love in advertising, did you catch the Budweiser "Clydesdale's in love" ad during the Super Bowl? Adorable! It's on youtube, today, of course.

Nice kick off post, Amber!