Wednesday, November 25, 2009

5-Star Review for A SUMMER'S HOPE!

TwoLips Reviews has given contemporary romance A Summer's Hope a 5-star review! Here's a snippet from reviewer Callie:

Briar and Cole forge a fragile relationship that blossoms into something so beautiful others envy it for all its glory.... The story is well written and compelling. I found that I did like this story and I was rooting for Briar and Cole. There are some lovely romantic scenes and good tense scenes written by Ms. Williams. Overall, I was happy with the choice I made in this book, and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good romantic read.

A huge thanks to Callie and TwoLips for taking the time to review A Summer's Hope! To read the full review, visit the TwoLips site.

For those interested in purchasing a copy of A Summer's Hope over the holidays, the paperback and ebook editions are available at The Wild Rose Press. Here's a quick looksie:

Briar has spent half her life upholding the family business. As another summer rolls around, it looks like her luck is running dry and she’s dangerously close to losing the only thing that matters, Hanna’s Inn, her late mother’s bed and breakfast. Amidst deep financial difficulty, a shaky relationship with her estranged father, and a non-existent social life, hope is all she has left.

Enter Cole, a new guest at Hanna’s. Fresh from the turmoil of a bitter divorce and haunted by his mistakes, he’s desperate for escape. In a matter of weeks he captures the lonely innkeeper’s heart and together they discover a passion as hot as the southern sun and as unstoppable as the bay tide.

Do they dare trust this wellspring of hope they’ve found in each other’s arms?

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