Thursday, November 12, 2009

NaNo Thoughts: Day 12

I admit, I hit a bit of a speed bump. It was called laziness. The speed bump and I got VERY friendly - to the point that I laid down beside it and let that 18-wheeler called NaNo roll right over me, too!

Good news, though: my moment of weakness has come and gone. By the time I realized I was being a total sap, I was two days behind. Yep, I violated NaNo no-no #1 in my RWU newsletter article this month (see November 1 post). Such a hypocrite. *sigh*

My early jump start on progress - when I was bragging about averaging 1800-2200 rather than the required 1667 everyday - helped me catch up faster than I anticipated. I'm no longer at the highest word count among my NaNo Writing Buddies. That would be that person waving down from me and everyone else from the 30K hill way up ahead. But I'm no longer lagging on the NaNo Stats bar graph. That's good enough for me!

One thing that does keep me going is Twitter. From Day One, I've tweeted my word count every evening. And when I stopped tweeting it, I got several wet noodles slung in my cyber face. Thank you to those who helped get me back in gear. I'm back to tweeting regular updates. Please stop hitting me. I may need you later...when the sagging middle hits.

Also something that's crossed my mind - I was stunned to learn how many people do NaNo for the prizes at the end. When I began NaNo in '08, I didn't know there were prizes for those who hit 50K. I didn't realize there was an actual NaNo site until a friend asked me to "buddy" and compete with her there. For me, it was all about getting the novel finished. It's the same this year. My eye's on the finishline, not the prize. As much as I love hitting that word count update button at the top of the NaNo site, the most rewarding part of this whole crazy literary abandon month is having those 50,000 words under my belt on December 1! The only thing that could exceed that is completing it at 90K before the new year, which wouldn't be possible without NaNo in the first place!

Ok, rambling's over. Now back to scratching my head over another brainstorm session. Sexy incubus hunting evil demons who tried killing heroine? I love my job :)

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