Monday, January 11, 2010

Cowboy Lovin' Day 11: Editor Spencer Glenn

I've been looking forward to Day 11 of Cowboy Lovin' because we've got an industry insider right here at Cozy! Spencer Glenn is an editor for The Wild Rose Press's Yellow Rose imprint and the woman behind the scenes of the Wayback, TX series. Today she tells us how the series came to be and shares her thoughts on the western genre and the cowboy hero. Welcome, Spencer!

"Wayback, Texas: An Editor’s Point of View"

Welcome to Wayback, Texas, a little town dreamed up by the editorial staff of the Yellow Rose division of The Wild Rose Press in early 2007. Since then, we’ve published eighteen Wayback stories, have contracted four more, and have two more contracts pending. All in all that makes twenty-four stories, set in our one little town. Sad as we were to close the doors on the Yellow Rose Arena and the cowboys and cowgirls who compete there, we all agreed, it was time to move along.

From an editorial standpoint, Wayback was a dream. The names of the talented authors on the list below should tell you a little about the quality of the material I had to work with. Yes, some of these authors were new, and needed a little more guidance than others, but I’m unbelievably proud of each and every one of them. Working in a shared universe is hard, and each of them carried it off beautifully. From Rita and Judith, whose brilliant works started off the series, to Amber, the only author with three Wayback stories, to Stacy and Betty who are helping wrap things up, it’s been a long, wild ride. I’d like to thank every single one of the Wayback authors for their contributions, for their willingness to make adjustments to accommodate somebody else’s characters, and for their commitment to making Wayback a town so real, people want to know how they can visit it. Another big thank-you goes out to the readers, who’ve helped make sure almost every Wayback story has made TWRP’s best-seller list.

Now, just in case you’ve missed a story or two, here’s the list, in order. Happy reading, and Ride ‘Em Cowboy!

Hot Night at the Blue Bug Saloon

by Rita Thedford
Shadow of the Hawk by Judith Rochelle
Payback in Wayback by Lynda Coker
Roped and Tied by Mallary Mitchell
Wrong Side of Love by Sylvie Kaye
All the Way Back by Cindy Spencer Pape
Re-ride at the Rodeo by Anne Carrole
FREE READ: Wayback When by Donna Michaels
Return of the Prodigal Daughter by Marguerite Arotin
Delighting Miss Daisy by Abbey MacInnes
Blackest Heart by Amber Leigh Williams
Bull by the Horns by MJ Frederick
Bluebonnet Café by PA Borel
Showdown in South Fork by Celia Yeary
On a Moonlit Night by Stacy Dawn
After the Rodeo by Cindy Spencer Pape
Under a Rodeo Moon by Roni Adams
Bluest Heart by Amber Leigh Williams
Obsessed by Wildfire by Autumn Jordon January 2010
Guardian Cowboy by Crystal-Rain Love February 2010
Bet it on my Heart by Amber Leigh Williams Spring 2010
Stepping Out of Line by Linda Carroll-Brad Spring 2010
Lost in Wayback by Stacy Dawn (contract pending)
Friends in Low Places by Betty Hanawa (contract pending)

Thank you so much, Spencer, for joining Cowboy Lovin'! It's much appreciated! Readers, if you'd like a closer glimspe at each of the Wayback series titles, find them here at The Wild Rose Press. The covers, all designed by talented cover artist Tamra Westberry are worth the looksie!
And come back tomorrow for Cowboy Round Robin day 2 and giveaway winner announcements from Week 1...


Anonymous said...
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Autumn Jordon said...

I admit I haven't read all of the Wayback series, I found them in October of 2008, but the ones I have are excellent! I'm sure that is partially because of Spencer. Kudos to her and the authors.

I'm so proud that my story was included in the series. I loved working with Spencer, and I'm anixous about my first release in 16 days.

Hopefully, TWRP will create another town and keep the Wayback series on the shelf.

Tanya Hanson said...

Hi AmberLeigh, great blog here. I love cowboys but set mine in the Old West. I'm eager to read the Waybacks when I can get some time. The Wild Rose editors all seem to rock LOL.

Congrats, Autumn, in your first release. Creating another town is sure a fantastic idea.

Best wishes to you both for tons of sales,

Anne Carrole said...

I remember when I read the first Wayback novel and was thrilled to find a series that explored what I wrote about--cowboys and rodeos. I too was proud when my story, Re-ride at the Rodeo, was selected to be part of the series and working with Spencer was a wonderful experience. Thank you Spencer for all your help and support and for putting together a wonderful series of books. As a reader, I've enjoyed every one from the romance to the hero to life in a western town.

Lisa G said...

I recently picked up several books in this series, including the free reads offerred by TWRP and have enjoyed them. It's hard to beat hot cowboys in any setting.

mamasand2 said...

Spencer, you hooked my interest enough that I get the free Way Back When and read it today. I would have loved to have seen a longer version of this but I am still intriqued by the series.

I did a search for "Way Back" on The Wold Rose Press site and it only showed 13 books.

Are the other there but not showing on the search??

A would be fan,

Amber Leigh Williams said...

Mamasand2 - A link to the full series list is embedded in the bottom of the post. Here it is again. The books are not in order, but they should all be here:

Crystal-Rain Love said...

I am so sad to see this series coming to an end, but at the same time so happy I came across it in time to submit my own contribution. I'd been wanting to try my hand at a cowboy romance for so long and once I read a few Waybacks (AWESOME series with GREAT writers!) I was hooked. I had to set my characters in this lovely little town full of hawt cowboys and the fiery women who love them. I'm honored to be a part of it, thankful to have worked with Spencer, a wonderful editor, and yes, I hope some other Yellow Rose series comes along. They're a lot of fun.

Crystal-Rain Love said...

Sandie, some of the books are combined into anthologies so that's probably why you're finding a lower number ( - ;

Celia Yeary said...

SPENCER--I'll add my thanks to the list for making each Wayback book a success on its own--adding up to a fun, unique series. I so wanted a Wayback story, and to date, I love all my contracts, but there was something so appealing about that Wayback Series. Thank you--Celia

Anonymous said...

Sandie, I think the confusion is because not all of them are out yet. Also, the free read is probably not listed as part of the series.


suehussein said...

Ok,for me the fun is in the chase. Are these books going to be found only on-line @ The Red Rose?? I love hunting down a large series and then working my way through it. Are they stand-alones or best read in order?? Did they sell enough that they would be in used book stores? Thanks, Sue

Debra St. John said...

What a fabulous series this has been. And what an amazingly talented group of authors who brought Wayback to life. Thanks ladies, it's been a great ride! Cowboy up.

Amber Leigh Williams said...

This series is available through The Wild Rose Press in ebooks and several.print anthologies:

susan said...

I have not read any of this series, being new around here i am finding I missed alot in the past years. I must say they all sound great and now I am putting them on my list. susan L.

Natalie Acres said...

I'm new to this series. Thanks so much for posting the titles and authors. I can't wait to get started with the Wayback books.

Cowboys and Romance,
Natalie Acres

robynl said...

the Wayback series is new to me; I really enjoy series as you can keep in touch with old friends from the first books.
Cowboy stories are awesome reads.


Sylvie said...

I love the Wayback stories and was thrilled to be included in the series!