Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cowboy Lovin' Day 12: Round Robin #2

It's Tuesday and time for another Cowboy Round Robin! Every Tuesday this month, YOU get to tell the western romance story here at The Cozy Page! Today we continue the Round Robin from last week. But before we get started, some rules...

For those of you who weren't with us last week, a round robin story is one that is started by one person and then continued sucessively by others in turn. Today we'll continue to do one paragraph (3 sentences min./10 sentences max.) per commenter. You may comment again but only after THREE other people have added their paragraphs to the story. This way we have a nice variety, but everyone can feel free to come back and get involved in the story. And no pressure on the day's last commenter - our story will continue next Tuesday, the 19th! (If you're still confused, here's a little more detail about Round Robins in general...)
Please keep in mind that The Cozy Page does not have a content disclaimer so though the story may definitely be sexy, no explicit material. This is important today because the scene is heating up fast. NEW RULE: If you have nothing to contribute to the story, please do not comment on this post. Any comments not related to the round robin or any inappropriate material will be deleted immediately. Comments are on moderation so don't be distressed if you do not see your paragraph right away. It hopefully will appear within 5 minutes of publishing.

And remember - this is all about having FUN so don't be afraid to jump in! Here's the content from last Tuesday....

"He walked across the corral in a slow, smooth gait, whistling a bluesy tune. He seemed totally unaware that she stood watching. Gawking, really. She wondered why his shirt was unbuttoned. Then again, she wasn't supposed to be there. He wasn't expecting curious gawkers. A flush crawled up her cheeks as he got closer and tried hard not to watch the way his Wranglers rode his tan, trim hips..." [Amber Leigh Williams]

"...nor the expanse of his muscular chest and the twinkle in his eye.
'Mornin' Miss Skylar.'
'Mornin' Adam.' She sighed as he moved closer and she could smell his musky scent mixed with the tang of sweat and horses. 'How's the mare this mornin?'
'Doin' fine I'd say. Labor wasn't too bad and now we have a nice healthy stud for the place.' [Sandy Sullivan]

"Her lips edged up in a slight smile. Seems like we have more than one here, she thought. 'I'm glad the mare came through it well. She's my favorite mount.'" [Ilona Fridl]

"Skylar looked off into the distance. Cumulus clouds brewed angrily above the horizon. 'Adam I suggest you lock things down here, we are in for some serious weather.' She wouldn't mind spending some time in a storm cellar with him." [Mary Ricksen]

"Adam grinned crookedly, and used one index finger to tip his hat back on his head. 'Ma'am, would you come into the barn with me? I'd like to get your opinion on some improvements I've been considering.'
Skyler nodded and walked into the barn, the horses nickered and stomped, feeling the impending storm. And she fidgeted, knowing Adam was interested in something completely different than structural improvements to the barn." [Laura Breck]

"She walked quickly to keep up with his long strides. The humid breeze coming in the barn door pushed her toward him as if nature herself approved. He stopped in front of the last stall. It was empty except for..." [Alexis Walker]

"...two rows of bundled bales of hay neatly placed side by side like a long bed with a handmade quilt thrown over the top of it. Swallowing hard, Skyler turned her head, giving Adam a curious look. She licked her lips. 'You’re moving into the barn?'
Adam chuckled, a deep, husky sound that gave Skyler chills. 'It kind of looks like a bed, doesn’t it?' His gaze slowly lowered, taking in every inch of her curves. 'If it was a bed that I wanted to show you, what would you do, Miss Skyler?' Mischief twinkled in the gorgeous depths of his sensual look. [Laurann Dohner]


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Skylar checked her smile and returned his assessment. "I won't turn tail and run."