Monday, January 18, 2010

Cowboy Lovin' Day 18: Crystal-Rain Love

Today I welcome another fellow Wayback, TX series author whose Guardian Cowboy novella I can't wait to read....

"Creating A Cowboy"

I’ve always loved cowboys, especially the ones found among the pages of romance novels. Give me a Joan Johnston or Linda Warren book and I’m in my own little nirvana. However, despite my love for the genre I never thought I could write one. What did I really know about cowboys?

But then I came across the Wayback, Texas series and it drew me in so much I was compelled to add a story to the collection. So what’s a girl do when her knowledge of cowboys comes down to “Damn, guys look good in Stetsons, tight jeans, and boots”?

I read, of course, submerging myself deeper in cowboy romance novels than I ever had before. I recalled every television show or movie I’d ever watched featuring cowboys, whether it be Bonanza or Elvis Presley’s Charro.

I went to the rodeo (and man, was I disappointed to see there wasn’t one single hawt cowboy there…but the marines there were pretty enticing. Just sayin’…) and consequently discovered I loved the sport.

I made a soundtrack to keep me focused while writing. Tim McGraw was a must, along with Travis Tritt and a little Reba.

Then I created my character. I gave him the rough yet tender nature of the cowboy found in romance novels combined with the skill and ferocity of the cowboys I’d seen in the rodeo. I threw in a little humor by giving him a wacky, Elvis-obsessed mother. To make him real, I gave him the task of overcoming a personal failure he struggled with every day… and then I gave him his perfect match: A strong-willed woman who could save him as he saved her.

Guardian Cowboy is my first foray into cowboy-themed romance and I can’t wait to share Wayback’s newest cowboy with you on February 24th!

After a failed bodyguarding assignment, the last thing Presley West wants is to save a damsel in distress, but the spunky woman he finds standing on the side of the interstate in the pouring rain brings out his protective instincts.

Amber Barlow ran from the clutches of a demon, and into the arms of an angel. But the closer she gets to her guardian cowboy, the more her fear grows, because a southern gentleman like Presley could never want a woman with a past as soiled as hers.


Amber narrowed her eyes on the man, unease coating her stomach with nausea. Had she been picked up by a psycho after all?

“Look, darlin'. You're pretty much ass-out in the rain, and at the wrong time of night to be out looking for someplace to stay. I have a spare room with some warm blankets, a hot shower you can use to clean up, and food if you're hungry.”

“And let me guess. Nobody can hear me if I scream?”

Presley laughed, a twinkle lighting his dark eyes. “My mother would hear you scream, and trust me, if I did anything to scare you like that she'd skin my hide long before you could get off a shot. Come on.” He removed his seatbelt and stepped out of the truck, slamming the door shut before running around to open hers.

He stood there at the side of the truck, one hand on the open door, his gaze on the gun pointed at his chest. His eyes warmed with compassion. “I don't know who spooked you, honey, but I promise I won't lay one finger on you.”
Amber breathed deep, trying to sort through the tangle of decisions crowding her mind.

Should she trust him and enter his home, or just shoot him and flee in his truck?

Thanks, Crystal-Rain! I'll definitely be first in line to get a copy of Guardian Cowboy when it launches.
Readers, stay tuned tomorrow for Week 2 giveaway winners and another cowboy round robin. Also you still have time to enter both Marguerite Arotin's giveaway for a Victoria Secret Gift Card and Anna Kathryn Lanier's giveaway for Salvation Bride and a TWRP Gift Card...


Carol L. said...

Hi Crystal,
I'm looking forward to Guardian Cowboy in February. And Elvis in Charro is my all time favorite look for Elvis. What a beautiful cowboy he made. Actually he made a beautiful anything in those earlier years. :)
Carol L.

P.L. Parker said...

Great excerpt. Gotta love those cowboys.

susan said...

It's nice to know there are some authors who still likes the cowboys and their rough lives and loving. I hope they are never forgotten. I love cowboys and never have enough in my life. I was so interested in your article. I passed it on to several reader friends who also loves cowboys romances. I sure hope this will help your sales also. I have over 50 pen pals and alot of friends who reads so the word is out all over the states. I wish you luck and I hope to be able to get the books myself. I am laid off work right now so can't buy much but I sure can get on the computer and pass the news around. susan L.

Lisa Pietsch said...

Having lived in Montana for many years and knowing many real cowboys (and having once married a "southern gentleman" with a crazy Mama). I find the premise quite intriguing!

Marguerite Arotin said...

Loved the excerpt hon and a body guard cowboy sounds yummy :-). Can't wait to read your foray into Wayback and welcome to the town :-)

Anonymous said...

I love cowboys and you sound like you have the jist of them. The book sounds so good I have added it to my TBR list.
I am always looking for authors to read that I have yet to discover. Hope i win so I can read a book by this author.

Crystal-Rain Love said...

Carol - Yes, he did look good with facial hair, didn't he? I grew up on Elvis. My older brother's second word was Elvis. It came out "Elk" but he did it while pointing to Elvis pictures. Needless to say, my mother was a HUGE fan and I was waiting for the perfect opportunity to sprinkle a little Elvis magic into one of my stories. I think it worked out great in this one ( - ;

Crystal-Rain Love said...

Thanks, all! I can't wait for you to meet Presley & Amber!

Anonymous said...

hey Crystal very nice it and can't wait to get my hands on it.................Renee

SaturnMoonie said...

Love the excerpt! Especially since it seems to come a few pages after the other excerpt you sent me when you started writing the novel. :D

I am soooo super excited for this to come out.

"So what’s a girl do when her knowledge of cowboys comes down to “Damn, guys look good in Stetsons, tight jeans, and boots”?"

That's pretty much the extend of my knowledge too. And I don't mind. You write em, and I'll read em.

Your 1st and number 1 fan,
Moonie ;)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Rain! I am very happy for you. If this excerpt is any indication, you have done just fine. Love, continued success, and best wishes,


Kellyann Zuzulo said...

Sounds very enticing, Rain! I'm just discovering the cowboy genre myself, as a reader. I really appreciate this lure to help me with my 'research!' Definitely looking forward to reading Guardian Cowboy!

Anonymous said...

I am totally going to read this one! Crystal you have a way with words. I am amazed at how you can paint a picture in my mind. And I'm liking what I see!
Amber Sharp

Christle Gray said...

I SO can't wait for this book to come out! I don't read many cowboy romances, but this one hooked me when I was priveleged anough to read a draft. I laughed, I cried. Great stuff!

virg_nelson said...

Loved the excerpt! I can't wait to read it :)

virg_nelson said...

Loved the excerpt! I can't wait to read it :)