Friday, January 22, 2010

Cowboy Lovin' Day 22: Sandy Sullivan

Today help me welcome western romance author Sandy Sullivan to Cowboy Lovin'! Her next title, Love's Sweet Surrender, launches next Tuesday. Here's a fun peek into Cowboy Love:

I've decided to share an interview I did with Tanner and A
my, my hero and heroine from Cowboy Love. Theirs wasn't an easy road to love so let's see what they were thinking.

SS: Hello Tanner and Amy.

Tanner: Hi Sandy. How are things going today for you?

SS: Good. Let's start with a little about how you and Amy met. Who wants to start?

Amy: I will. Let's see. Chris, that's my best friend, and I decided to make a long weekend trip to her parents place in Brenham. I'd broken up with a guy I'd been dating and pretty much decided to give up on men.

Tanner snorted and Amy shot him a saucy look.

Amy: I went outside that morning after we got there, to check out the place. I've always been an earlier riser with my work schedule as a registered nurse. I stood outside admiring Chris' mom's roses when I heard some pretty descriptive cuss words floating over the fence.

Tanner blushed.

SS: Let me guess. Tanner.

Tanner: I already apologized for that.

Amy: I know.

Tanner: I was trying to break a mare in the pen at my family's house. We've lived next door to Chris since we were kids. The horse wasn't being very cooperative. Amy caught me with my butt in the dirt.

SS: That would have been funny.

Tanner: It wasn't from my position.

SS: I bet. So, did she come over and help you up?

Tanner: Sort of. She helped, yes. Has she ever told you about her gift for taming horses?

SS: I think it's been mentioned. Why don't you explain it a little Amy, so the folks reading this will understand.

Amy: My father rode rodeo for several years when I was a kid and he had a way of taming horses. Sort of like a horse whisperer you could say. Horses are very gentle creatures with the right motivation. The mare Tanner was working with at the time needed the right touch. That's all. My father taught me his techniques and I've done pretty well with it.

Tanner: She calmed that mare right down and I haven't a trouble with her since.
SS: In another words, your butt hasn't been in the dirt while you've been on her.
Amy laughed and Tanner frowned.
Amy: Its okay, Tanner. I've had my butt there too.
Tanner: Yeah, but you have a much nicer butt.
Amy: Mmm…I wouldn't say that. Yours is pretty nice in a set of Wranglers.
Tanner: Have you been looking at my ass?"
Amy: Of course! Why wouldn't I?
SS: So how's the singing career going, Tanner?
Tanner: Good. We're keeping busy. We sing every weekend at the bar.
SS: Amy. You ride rodeo too, right?
Amy: Yes. I team rope.
SS: Wow! That's impressive. That's pretty much a man's rodeo sport. What position?
Amy: I'm usually at heeler. My dad team roped when he rode, I guess it seemed natural for me to learn to, too.
Tanner: She's damned good too.
Amy: Thanks Tanner.
SS: Your relationship is going well then?
Tanner: I think so, what about you, baby?"
Amy: I kind of like him, too.
We all laughed when she reached over and kissed him hard on the mouth.
SS: You two seem happy. That's for sure. Any plans for the future.
Tanner: We're still in the getting to know you stage, but I'm liking it so far.
Amy: Mmm…me too. He's pretty good in bed too.
Tanner: You didn't just say that.
Amy: Sure I did.
SS: I guess it's about time for me to wrap up this interview. Make sure you two come back and see me in the future and let me know how things are going. Good luck.
Tanner: Thanks for having us and I'm sure you'll be seeing more of the two of us. We're keeping an eye on Chris. She needs a good man. If you know of any, let me know.
Amy: We were glad to come by Sandy. Keep in touch and keep writing.
Readers, be sure to look for Sandy's titles! She's a true champion of the western romance genre and the cowboy hero! She's also hosting a contest on Facebook through the end of January for a $25.00 Barnes & Noble or $25 Amazon Gift Card. Today here at Cowboy Lovin' she's giving away a free download of Wild Wyoming Nights to one lucky commenter who answers the following question...
What kind of car does Katrina drive in Wild Nevada Ride?
Hint: you can find the answer on Sandy's website.... This contest runs through January 26th. The winner will be randomly drawn the following Tuesday. Check back in to see if you have won. Chances of winning depend on the number of entries and you must be 18 years or older to enter.


Anonymous said...

That was cute the way you did the interview with your characters. I enjoyed that. Katrina drives a brand new Mustang GT 500 KR.

Carol L. said...

The answer is a Mustang GT 500 KR
Nice car too. :)
Carol L.

Eva S said...

Thanks for the fun interview! This book sounds great, I'm adding it to my wish list.

The car is a brand new Mustang GT 500 KR

Carol L. said...

ad to come back and say the interview was unique and I enjoyed it Sandy, thanks.
Carol L.