Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cowboy Lovin' Day 6: BLUEST HEART Launch!

It's HERE! Day 6 of Cowboy Lovin' and my second western romance launch! Bluest Heart officially releases today from The Wild Rose Press and I'm premiering the book video and giving all you Cowboy Lovin' readers an exclusive peak at the second book in the Wayback Ridge trilogy. For the video, I went with a fun, bluesy kinda theme. It's got a good Wayback feel to it, don't you think? :)

That track will be playing on my iPod all day long. I feel like I've been waiting for this day for a while. To fans of Blackest Heart, this is the story of Stella's brother, Casey, who - as you saw in the video - is "the good guy." And, ladies, Casey brings a lot of sexy back to the beta hero!

The Wayback bachelor is a dying breed, but that doesn't stop Casey Ridge from wanting to settle down. For this cowboy anyone but Josie Brusky would be an easy wrangle. Unfortunately for him, the Blue Bug singer and owner of Josie's Treasures doesn't believe in commitment much less marriage.

Years ago, Josie lost her heart to Casey's charm and dimpled smile. Since then she has done everything she knows to forget him. After all, she’s known as the local harlot and the daughter of the town’s biggest bigot. Casey could have any girl he wanted. Why would he saddle himself with her? In the wake of a shattering past, she refuses to give up her independence.

Casey digs down deep to win her over, but does he have what it takes to win Wayback's bluest heart?

And here for you now is an exclusive excerpt from Bluest Heart:

"Do you think I’m incapable of doing anything by myself?"

"No, Josie. I just offered to give you a hand."

"Stop," she warned. "I don’t want your hand. I don’t want you around period. I tried to tell you yesterday to stay away from me, Casey. What’s going to make that sink in for you?"

He grinned. "Oh, it’s sunk in. I’m just ignoring it. You know what I want."

"How do you expect me to believe you can make a relationship work when you can’t even do your own damn laundry?" she squealed, at wit’s end.

"Trust me."

She was so mad she stomped one foot into the floor. "What is your problem?"

"At the moment? You."

She scoffed. "You have some nerve!"

"No, you’ve got some nerve!" he told her, humor melting quickly into anger. "You looked me right in the eyes and lied to me yesterday. We both know it."

"So why are you stalking me?" she demanded.

"Because I still want you," he blurted. "And I know you still want me. I’m not going to rest until you admit it."

"Then you’ve got a lot of sleepless nights ahead of you."

He started for the door. "We’ll just see about that." He paused, propping the books on his hip and digging into his pocket.

"I forgot. I think this is yours."

Seeing what he tossed in her direction, she leapt over the counter to catch the black lace thong. She ground her teeth together, her cheeks flaring hot again. Desperate to get a last, cutting word in, she whirled toward the door.

It slammed shut at his back. She let out a furious growl. God, he was going to drive her out of her mind!

Bluest Heart (c) Amber Leigh Williams

I'll be posting more excerpts around the web throughout the day. You can catch some of them at my publisher's blog. Also be sure to drop by fellow TWRP author Emma Lai's blog today for more of Bluest Heart! Be the first to get your copy of Bluest Heart at The Wild Rose Press!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow through Saturday because three of my favorite western romance authors are dropping by Cozy to keep the Cowboy Lovin' celebration going! Yay!


Laura Breck said...

Congratulations, Amber! Fabulous video, and I love the excerpt. Bluest Heart looks like it will be another fabulous read.


Donna B said...

Ooh - I want the next scene! LOL I love it when the heroine gets all steamed up and the hero just walks away!

Amber Leigh Williams said...

Laura, thank you for stopping by!

Donna, so glad you enjoyed the excerpt! I love writing h/h banter!


Autumn Jordon said...

Amber, congratulations! You must be walking above the clouds. I love the trailer and the banter between your herione and hero.