Sunday, February 28, 2010

Book Dive #4 cont... BLUEST HEART + Blog Tour Dates

Here's a never-before-seen peek into Bluest Heart:

She drove without any idea where to go. That subtle scent of his filled her Jeep, making her dizzy. If she’d had a lick of sense, she could roll down the window and let the muggy air staunch it out.

She took a long drag and held the scent in her lungs. Warmth crawled up her torso. God, she wanted him.

Gravel spit under her tires as she jerked the wheel and turned into the rodeo arena parking lot.

"Whoa!" he yelled, gripping the roll bar over his head as the Jeep veered into the grass toward the picnic area. "Where the hell are you going?"

She braked hard under a tree and ground the shift into park. Unbuckling her seatbelt, she wrested it aside and crawled over the console into his lap, mouth seeking his. Her kiss swallowed his sound of surprise. She couldn’t think. Until the burn he’d lit inside her died out, she just had to kiss him.

It only spread. She deepened the kiss, urgently stroking his tongue with hers. His taste was rare, lovely. Who needed whiskey when you could have Casey Ridge? Her hands snuck under his shirt, stroking the hard muscles over his abdomen. She thrilled in his shiver as her nails trailed teasingly over his chest.

He didn’t fight her. Arms winding around her, he pulled her tight against him. His mouth moved under hers, challenging, daring. She shifted, her boots knocking against the confines of the dash until she straddled him and ground her hips into his. His head dropped back against the headrest on a groan. Managing to push his shirt up over his stomach, she fumbled with the snap of his jeans.

"Whoa," he said again, this time breathlessly, turning his mouth away from hers. "Whoa, wait a minute."

"Shut up and kiss me," she hissed, arching into him again. "Touch me." "Not here, Jos," he said, gripping her wrists. "I won’t do it here."

She jerked out of his hands and pushed her hair from her face, frustrated. "Why the hell not?"

"I’m not going to do it here in the car," he ex-plained. "That’s no way to treat a lady."

"I’m no lady," she retorted.

His eyes softened and his hand lifted to touch her face. "Yeah, you are. You just don’t want people to know it."

"Oh, but you do," she said sourly.

"I know you," he assured her. He said it the same way he’d spoken earlier. Her heart cried out for that softness, that promise of tender love and care.

Unable to stand how weak it made her feel, she licked her lips, tasting him there. He wasn’t going to get away from her this time. She’d cry if he did, and she never cried. Hand trailing down between them, she gripped the insistent bulge under the fly of his jeans. "So where do you take all your ladies, Casey?"

He blew out a breath, a groan stirring deep in his throat. "I’m driving."

BLUEST HEART (c) Amber Leigh Williams

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The Bet It On My Heart vid will air here at Cozy on March 2, followed by release day on March 3. Here are some tour dates:

March 3 - The Wild Rose Press Blog

March 3 - Coffee House Author Blog

March 4 - Virtual Romance Blog

March 10 - Paty Jager Blog

March 11 - Rachel Brimble Blog

March 18 - Southern Sizzlers Blog

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