Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fiona Jayde: "Badass Guys for Kick-Ass Girls"

Today The Cozy Page is proud to welcome author of sci-fi erotic romance Cold Victory, Fiona Jayde:

Intergalactic warfare has not been kind to humans. Convicted pilot Zoya Scott has the chance to avenge her family, redeem an act of desperation with that of sacrifice. She’ll end this war if she betrays the man whose touch burns through her soul, the man whose ship and crew she must destroy. The man who is her bloodmate.

Commander Galen Stark never expected the convicted pilot on his ship to be anything more then a good looking inconvenience. A small brush of their hands grips him with vicious lust, a need he can’t control. She is his bloodmate – a biological reaction burning through his veins.Except she carries an explosive. And Stark may have to give the order to destroy them all.

I've always enjoyed strong female leads - in books and movies and TV. Be it a super smart woman, or super strong woman, or super sexy woman - I like strong confident female characters who know what they want and will go after it, right or wrong.

Especially in romance, I love a woman who can give a man a run for his money. I'm not talking about "spunky secretaries" - although they too can be fun- I'm talking about women who kick ass and take names. Women like Eve Dallas from the InDeath series who is both strong and vulnerable, and takes no shit from no one.

What has always been fascinating to me is finding the right matches for such heroines. A man for any kickass girl can't always give in, because he'll be a wimp. But any man who has to consistently prove himself stronger/better/more dominant may end up coming off as a bully, jerk or worse.

When writing (and reading) I'm always conscious of the line between wimp and bully. I've once read a book where the hero and heroine consistently butted heads, but the guy went so far over the top in his quest to keep the heroine safe that I put the book down, unable to read more. The story was great. The guy was a jerk. It was finito for me liking the book.

I suppose it is the constant tension, the yang to her yin that make the sparks smolder, especially when two strong characters butt heads. And what some readers may find sexy, other readers may find too pushy. I always enjoy playing with that tensions - and reading about it, where one side gives in now, but may be the one on top later.

Here is a snippet from Cold Victory where I hope to prove that my hero is badass without coming across as wimpy or jerky.


“Officer Scott.” Another punch sent the bag swinging.

His gaze was like a physical caress. He'd upped the grav stabilizers. Zoya could feel the shift in weight sneaking up through the already-clenching muscles of her thighs.


“I'll get out of your way.”

Desire, reckless and hot and unwanted, swam through her system, quickening her pulse, her blood, her breath. She had to pound on something. “You box, Commander?”

The sudden weariness in that hot gaze told her he was infused by the same heat that kept tormenting her. Involuntary biological reaction, she told herself again, and licked her lips.

He seemed to focus on her mouth. “I'm more of a kickboxer.” A heavy hook kick into the bag demonstrated his point.

“Impressive.” He raised an eyebrow but didn't say a word. Zoya had the distinct feeling that he was forcing himself to stay away from her.

She kept her voice cool as another spike of arousal stabbed through her. “I need to work off some aggression. I figure you can understand.”

He simply nodded.

“Care to point spar?”

The look from those wild eyes nearly sent her temperature to melting. “I don't think it would be a good idea.”

She lifted up her fists. Came closer. “No rank. No insignia. I need to kick somebody's ass, Commander. I'm sure you'd understand why I want it to be yours.”

She needed a good sweaty workout to wipe away the thoughts of death and ravenous lust.

“No contact.” Like an Earth predator, Zoya circled him, tucking her chin low.

“Hit anywhere you like.”

Cold Victory © Fiona Jayde

To The Readers: Who are some of your favorite badass heros?

Thank you to Fiona for making Cozy a stop on her book tour. Readers, if you comment you will entered to win a $15 Gift Card. Learn more about Fiona's work at her website and don't forget to get your copy of her fantastic book, Cold Victory at Loose Id.

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Fiona Jayde is a space pilot, a ninth degree black belt in three styles of martial arts, a computer hacker, a mountain climber, a jazz singer, a weight lifter, a superspy with a talent for languages, and an evil genius.All in her own head.

In life, she is an author of kickass, action packed, steamy romances, possesses a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do and blue belt in Aikido, a web developer, scared to death of heights, loves jazz piano, can bench-press about 20 pounds — with effort, speaks English and Russian fluently, and when not plotting murder and mayhem enjoys steamy romance novels, sexy spy thrillers, murky mysteries and movies where things frequently blow up.


booklover0226 said...

One of my favorite bad ass heros is Wrath from J.R. Ward's Blackdagger Brotherhood series. He takes no gruff and kicks butt!

Tracey D
booklover0226 AT gmail DOT com

Mary Ricksen said...

Fiona, I so get it!!

Andrea I said...

I can't think of any at the moment. I work in Accounting and we've just finished month end. I'm brain dead and tired at the moment.

Amber Leigh Williams said...

Great post, Fiona! I'm a fan of the In Death series myself. Roarke is the hero for which all other heros should be measured against, imo. He's got all those wonderful alpha qualities but he cares so much for Eve and is so humanly flawed.

Booklover, I love the BD Brothers, too. So far, Z is my favorite. Talk about a guy who goes above and beyond for someone :)

Sherry said...

awesome post. Love it

Sherry said...

Awesome post. Love it

Julie said...

A lot of Angela Knight's heroes and heroines are pretty bad-ass. I like Baran, from Jane's Warlord. :)

Donna Marie Rogers said...

Tracey, I agree, Wrath is fricken awesome. I loved him at the end of Butch's book, the scene where Beth was feeding Butch. :-)

Julie, LOVED Jane's Warlord!

Another fave is Joe Winston from Lori Foster's Say No To Joe? Actually, I love pretty much all of her heroes; Linda Howard's, too.

liana laverentz said...

I love kick ass heroines, but can't think of any at the moment. Maybe because the ones who are done well are so few and far between. Yours reads like a winner!

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

I like you book video. Very cool. I haven't read any of your books, but you have my attention. I definitely go for "Badass guys for Kick-ass girls."

Great Post!
I wish you well.

fiona jayde said...

Looks like we share very similar tastes in books! Love that!

@Tracey - Big squee for Wrath! Actually, I've been dying for John Matthew and Xhex story - Lover Mine. She is a HELL of a kickass heroine, and though I was very sad about how JM transformed from sweet to badass, in my eyes he stopped being the poor boy Wellsie saved and became a full fledged man.

@Mary - Thanks!!

@Andrea - Ow sounds like you need a good book to help you relax!

@Amber - thanks for having me!! Man - Roarke is just awesome isn't he? My two favorites in the series are Glory in Death - when they both realize the extent of their feelings and... I can't remember the name, but its the one where Roarke discovers his real mother's family. I just devoured that book!

@Sherry- thanks! Glad you stopped by!

@Julie - I agree completely - AK writes some bad ass heros and heroines. I really liked Baran:) My favorite AK book right now is Mercenaries - Capt Nate August is SO hot!

@ Donna Marie - I just discovered Lori Foster - I have her Back To Black on my kindle right now. (Who can resist sexy MMA fighter??)

@Liana - thank you! They are few and between, but looks like we got some great recommendations going here:)

@Karen M - thank you so much! I do love badass heroes :)

Amber Leigh Williams said...

Fiona, I think Conspiracy in Death and Creation in Death take the cake for me, though it is SO hard to choose!


Amy S. said...

Cold Victory sounds great! Roarke is one of my faves.

robynl said...

I, too, must go with Roarke; bada$$ all the way. Woohoo!!!