Monday, February 1, 2010

Week 4 Giveaway Winners + Unclaimed Prizes

The winner of Sandy Sullivan's January 22 giveaway for Wild Wyoming Nights is...Commenter # 3: EVA S!

The winner of Stacey Joy Netzel's January 24 giveaway for Chasin' Mason is...Commenter # 8: ROBYNL!

The winners of Donna Marie Rogers' January 25 giveaway for 3 copies of Golden Opportunity are...Commenter # 17: SINN, Commenter #2: KARIN, & Commenter #19: BOOKLOVER0226!

The winner of Christine Columbus's January 28 giveaway for The Perfect Country & Western Story is...Commenter #34: SUEHUSSEIN!

My apologies to the entrants of Carol Ericson's January 8 giveaway for The Sheriff of Silverhill. For some reason or other, the winner was never posted. So the winner of Carol's giveaway is...Commenter #15: SANDY!

Will all winners listed above please contact me at to claim your prizes. Also, there are quite a few unclaimed prizes. Any names on the following list please contact me at the same addy to take home these prizes:

The winner of Alison Kent's January 1 giveaway for Tex Appeal - Commenter #5: VALERIE

The winners of Alison Kent's January 1 giveaway for One Good Man - Commenter # 4: TWEETBRD22 & Commenter #2: TETEWA

The winner of Cindy Spencer pape's January 3 giveaway for All the Way Back - Commenter #5: AUTUMN JORDAN

The winner of Anna Kathryn Lanier's January 17 giveaway for Salvation Bride and TWRP Gift Card is Commenter #13: LISA L. LEIBOW

And thanks again to all the participants of Cowboy Lovin'!


suehussein said...

Thank you again Amber, that was a fun month!!!I'm soo happy to have learned about Red Rose Press. ALL of the books sounded good. I am so glad I won The Perfect Country & Western Story, I love cliches in my western reads!! Congrats to all the other lucky winners!! Good luck to you with your releases too!! Sue

Amber Leigh Williams said...

Your very welcome, Sue! And congrats on the win! I look forward to reading Christine's book, too. Not all the books featured this month were Red Rose books, however. In fact, most were The Wild Rose Press books ( with a couple of Samhain, one Red Rose, and the occassional Harlequin/Silhouette.

Carol L. said...

Congratulations to a winners .WTG !
Carol L.

flchen1 said...

Thanks for such a fabulous month, Amber!! Really enjoyed the line up of guests and books!

Amber Leigh Williams said...

flchen - Thank you for dropping by! I'm so glad you enjoyed Cowboy Lovin'!