Monday, July 5, 2010

Versatile Blogger Award

Many thanks to Jillian Chantal who has nominated The Cozy page for The Versatile Blogger Award (I think you're a really cool chica, too!)....
(A) to thank the person that nominated you.
(B) Share 7 things about yourself.
(C) Name 15 people who are awesome and whose blogs you follow. (D) Drop in on the 15 blogs and tell them you love them.
1) I write best between the hours of 10pm and 2am.
2) I get along better with animals versus humans.
3) Dr. Pepper is my soda of choice.
4) If I had to choose between Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner...I'd probably go with the good boy. Though, I admit, it would be a painful decision to make.
5) I read way too many historical romances.
6) I'm wearing a Wintzell's Oyster House t-shirt that is way to be for me at the moment.
7) I'm really excited because my contemporary romance revision is nearing completion - FINALLY!
15 People...
1) Rita van Fleet - fellow GCC member
2) Rae Summers - historical romance author
3) Celia Yeary - fellow Wayback and western romance author
4) Arabella Stokes - fellow GCC member and "Romance Mama"
5) Terry Kate - the lady behind Romance in the Backseat
6) Rebecca J. Clark - contemporary romance author and "Shy Writer"
7) Pamela S. Thibodeaux - inspirational romance author
8) Skhye Moncrief - fantasy romance author and writing reference extraordinaire
9) Autumn Jordon - fellow Wayback and romantic suspense author
10) Manda Collins - GCC prez and historical romance author
11) Sandy Sullivan - western romance author
12) Lisa Lipkind Leibow - co-blogger at The Roses of Prose and women's fiction author
13) Nancy O'Berry - co-blogger at The Roses of Prose and historical romance author
14) Hywela Lyn - fantasy romance author
15) Sharon Donovan - romantic suspense author


Sherry said...

Love your 7 facts, my friend! Jillian

Autumn Jordon said...

Hey, me too on several of those facts. Good luck with the revisions.

Celia Yeary said...

Thank you, Amber! That's very generous of you.As you can see, I found this a little late. I promise I will to follow the guidelines, but right now...I'm in deep edits on two ms. With deadlines, I don't understand.
Last night I sent my Wayback story to a friend who only knows how to do e-mail and forward stuff. She's bought my two prints books and is waiting for the next.Funny, she saw the title Showdown in Southfork in my sig line, e-mailed me and sort of accused me of "hiding" a book from her. I explained it was an eBook, and I'd send it to her, and said "it's a pdf." She panicked, oh, no! she said, I don't know how to do that. I sent it anyway and explained what to do. She answered this morning and said:"I passed the test! I did it and sat up until one am to finish it in one sitting!" She was excited, and maybe now, an ebook convert. Celia