Monday, October 4, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness & Newsletter

Hi Cozies! It's October now and Breast Cancer Awareness Month! The romance family is affected every year in some way by breast cancer so if you're a fan of romance, support Breast Cancer Awareness. Wear pink, think pink, and spread the word! Even you guys out there. Those tough NFL players are wearing the pink gear this month. Joining the fight for the cure just makes you all that more heroic!

There has also been a lot of talk about bullying recently. I was a victim of bullying at one time beacuse of my small stature - never to a degree that my life was endangered but bullied all the same. I believe that bullying is an issue that has been overlooked far too long - and if not overlooked, no one has taken an aggressive stand against it until this point. I'm happy to share this video I found of Elphaba from Wicked: The Musical who is taking an active role in fighting bullying with Bully Bust. Visit her on Facebook to hear her message!

As some of you know, the hub is no longer working for the Gulf Coast oil spill cleanup. He worked all summer long and then some seven days a week with a two-day break every fourteen days from June through September. I'm extremely proud of his commitment, but it was a tough job and now he's back home with the fam for some well-deserved rest. He's moved a worktable into my office so we can rub elbows when we're both home. It's a cozy arrangement that I love! Something that I haven't mentioned in regard to this is that just because the hub no longer works for oil cleanup doesn't mean that oil isn't affecting our waters still. As late as last Thursday, he was cleaning it off boats in Mobile. I feel like the media has kind of neglected our coastline because the well is closed and our beaches are looking clean and healthy again. Oil still is a factor here on the Gulf Coast and I ask that people please keep that in mind.

I have recommended reads coming up soon. Here's a little preview. I had to go across the bay to Mobile to find a bookstore where this book wasn't sold out. As soon as I finish the last two books on my September TBR list, third quarter recommended reads will be posted here at Cozy. There are some good ones you'll wanna see, trust me! I'm shooting for the 15th. I'd also like to take this time to announce that I am developing a newsletter. The fan mail these past couple of months has been so heartwarming that I decided it's high time I give my readers a newsletter. Hopefully by November, everything will be in place and you'll be able to subscribe. I promise not to send one unless you subscribe for it and an unsubscribe link will also be posted as well. I believe in this method because lately I've been receiving messages from new authors especially via my contact addy and my personal email address (which is inexcusable) asking me to buy their books when I never signed up to receive news from them. I consider this spam. In fact, a lot of people do. I believe that as an author it's your job to build a readership from the ground up. There is no skipping channels, not if you expect to have integrity in this industry. Developing a fan base can, yes, be hard work, but everyone starts from scratch and hard work does pay off. I can vouch for that. I hate to have to post this here on Cozy, but it needs to be said. Some publishers don't educate their authors on the differences between marketing/networking and spamming or even professionalism and unprofessionalism. New authors, please be respectful of your potential readers and go through the channels out there that are available for feedback. I know the wait for review sites to get to your title is intense and nervewracking but be patient. Develop a blog tour. Post excerpts on promotional loops. Feedback will come, I promise!

And that's the end of my spiel today. When my newsletter is ready, I will send an announcement via Twitter and Facebook. Have a good day Cozies and stay warm! It's getting chilly out there!


Kathy said...

I am looking forward to your newsletter!!

Amber Leigh Williams said...

I'm so glad to hear it, Kathy! Yay!