Thursday, December 30, 2010

Zodiac Predictions for 2011...

The stars have spoken. I don't live my life by the zodiac, but I've always loved idea of the celestial and reading up on the zodiac's mythological roots. I look forward to new year horoscopes. Here's this year's Taurus predictions....

Your legendary tenacity and patience is truly about to pay off in spades this year Taurus. After a long and arduous 12 years, your luck is returning with a fabulous vengeance. Jupiter, the planet of large-scale fortune enters your sturdy stars this June for an extended stint taking you right into 2012 in excellent standing. Never has it felt so easy to let go of comfort zones and move into unknown territory with such confidence and gusto. Even the most cautious and conservative of bulls can easily see that the rewards far outweigh the risk this year. Push the envelope, raise the bar and go for the biggest stakes your loyal heart can fathom.

You're a florid channel of original ideas this spring when six planets line up in your unconscious sector of dreams and inspiration right around your birthday. Ready yourself for what becomes a turbo-charged imagination to keep you up at night with more genius schemes than there is time to humanly handle. Your brain will feel like a non-stop idea factory that refuses to rest, so you'll need extra time in nature or at the gym to remain relatively grounded.

Unexpected social encounters and fabulous new friendships flourish throughout the year with special highlights occurring in March and April when Mars powers up your friendship sector. May and June are stellar months for dating and mating with all around good times to be had in general compliments of Venus in Taurus. You've got your mind on your money and your money on your mind all summer with Venus and Mars emphasizing your financial sector. Make your money in June and July while the getting is good and save the leisure rewards for August when you can kick back guilt-free.
I love the idea-factory potential. Sounds like some great career predictions for The Bull this year! Readers, if you're curious to see what's on your astrological calendar for 2011, visit Yahoo Shine.... I found the porcelain zodiac figurine at right at Royal Copenhagen. Isn't it cute?

More new year fun to be had this weekend!

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