Saturday, March 5, 2011

Denied Origin & RED

Last summer, I was informed by my publisher, The Wild Rose Press, that the creators of the movie, RED, had requested a box of prop books, mostly romantic suspense titles from their Crimson Rose imprint, to be used in the movie. Sarah, the heroine of RED played by Mary-Louise Parter, is a fan of romance, particularly those with elements of danger and intrigue - like romantic suspense. In one of my favorite scenes, Bruce Willis even reads up on the latest romance on her TBR to impress her.

I loved not only that the heroine was a fan of romance, but that my romantic suspense, Denied Origin, could have been one of the books used as props in the background of Sarah's apartment scene. And yes, the hub tinkered for sevearl minutes with the rewind, pause, and zoom buttons on the DVD player remote to try to read the titles on the spines of the dark trade paperbacks in one apartment shot. They're fuzzy, but my baby might just have wound up on Mary-Louise Parker's shelf! Squee! If you like action flicks with humor, I highly recommend the movie and not just for Valentina and Mark's brief cameo. The movie was an enjoyable one with a great cast of some of my faves - Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, and John Malkovich. And Bruce Willis is never too hard to look at ;)

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I'll leave you for now with RED. Enjoy!

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marybelle said...

How cool if one of your books made it into the movie!!