Thursday, May 5, 2011

Go to Your Happy Place...

Hi Cozies! Well, it's now May - and isn't this year going by in a whoosh? As mentioned a few weeks ago, I'm focusing on a second contemporary romance which takes place in my hometown. Coincidentally, my mother lives on the shore where I placed my heroine's home so my brainstorming episodes are now a very tangible experience. The picture you see here was taken by my mother over the weekend on the bay. Anyone who has read my first contemporary romance (the one I've been revising) knows the significance of the phrase "Fairies dancing." In younger years, I spent many summers at my family's lakehouse, Sunnyside. Every morning we would eat breakfast on the sun porch and watch the rays hit the water at exactly the right angle so they flashed and glowed on the lake's surface. In the picture above, you can see them doing so. As a girl, I vividly remember them as "fairies" dancing on the water. These mornings on the lake (and now on the bay) are some of my favorites. It brings me back to that serene place where heaven and earth intersect and all is well. I guess you could say it's my happy place!

Cozies, today I want you to tell me about your happy place! Where do you go when you need serenity or inspiration? Tell me what makes it special.

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marybelle said...

I am fortunate to live in a town with exceptionally beautiful parks. A walk along the paths & I am rejuvenated body & spirit.