Saturday, August 6, 2011

HOME SWEET TEXAS HOME by Caroline Clemmons + Giveaway

Hi readers! Caroline Clemmons is back today with an excerpt from her latest romance, Home Sweet Texas Home, which is a sweet contemporary romance about a modern day Cinderella. The July release from The Wild Rose Press is available in print and e-download and includes humor, pathos, and larceny. Would inheriting a fortune solve all your problems? It wouldn’t hurt, would it? But perhaps we’d be surprised if two million came out way....

Two million dollars? What a fortune to inherit! Coutney Madison has battled poverty her entire twenty-five years but is determined to make a safe and happy home for her teenaged brother after the recent death of their mom. She thinks her inheritance in West Texas far from her brother’s awful new friends is the answer to her prayers--but Courtney's problems are definitely not over yet. Strings, there are strings to her inheritance. And being in charge is not as easy as she thought it would be. Sure she can pretty much do as she pleases, but there are people depending on her now.

Known around the area as the man with King Midas’s touch where money is concerned, Derek Corrigan suspects the worst of his new neighbor and vows to fight his attraction for her. He sure isn’t about to let her influence his son and daughter; Warren and Meg mean the world to him. Besides, Derek knows what women do to him--they always leave and take chunks of his heart with them. He's been there, done that, had the vaccination and is cured. Isn't he?

Excerpt from Home Sweet Texas Home:

When Jimmy saw his sister in bed, he rushed over. “Sis, what happened? What’s with the towel and the ice packs?” He frowned at Derek. “What’s going on?”

She opened her mouth to explain, but nothing came out.

Derek figured the bizarre situation defied description. He patted Jimmy on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, she’s okay now. We were at the cemetery putting flowers on Sam’s and Maggie’s graves and your sister got trapped in the bathroom.”

Jimmy shook his head. “I don’t understand. How could that hurt her?”

Courtney sighed. “The knob came off in my hand and I couldn’t open the door. So, I climbed out the window.”

Derek held out his hands to indicate the small rectangle. “A small, high window.”

Jimmy looked from his sister to Derek. “I still don’t understand what happened.”

Courtney snapped, “I got stuck, okay?”

Now that he knew her to be okay, the week’s tension suddenly snapped Derek and he lost his perspective on the whole situation. He grimaced at Jimmy. “She, um…” He coughed to keep a straight face. “When she tried to go out the window, she got stuck with her head and one arm sticking outside and the rest of her inside.” He stood like a bird with a broken wing to imitate Courtney’s position. A grin spread across his face in spite of all his efforts not to smile.

Jimmy gaped at his sister. “Courtney? But she’s always so sensible. She’s never does anything stupid.” He began to smile also.

Both males burst into laughter.

“Listen, if you two are so amused, go into the other room to discuss my apparently hilarious antics and leave me to suffer in peace.” In spite of her strained muscles and injuries, she threw a box of tissues in their direction. “Go on, get out of here. Now.”

Derek glanced over his shoulder before he left.

She’d stuffed a pillow over her ears, to block out their laughter.

Home Sweet Texas Home is available from The Wild Rose Press in print or e-book and at other online stores. Check my website at and my blog. I love to hear from readers at Thanks for reading!

Caroline's giveaway ends tonight at midnight EST. Comment to her post yesterday or today to be entered to win a PDF copy of Home Sweet Texas Home. (See yesterday's post for more contest info....)


Brenda Whiteside said...

Caroline, your book sounds charming. Love Cinderella stories and with a western flavor - how fun.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Caroline,
Coming in a bit late sorry. Put it down to the differences in our time zones.
I love cinderella stories, especially if there is a prince charming waiting in the wings. Home Sweet Texas Home, sounds like another one of your masterpieces.
It will go straight to the top of mo buy list.