Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Fabulous Men of Fall Television...

Hi Cozies! I'm back from my blogging hiatus. With NaNo coming up in less than two months (AGAIN? REALLY???), I realized I'd better catch up on some writing. And since August was such a busy month here at Cozy, I decided to spend most of September with my WIP and limit myself to my scheduled monthly posts at Roses of Prose and Sweethearts of the West.

October's going to be different though. You have my word on it. Mostly because I can't stop talking about the fall television line-up that started earlier this month. First of all, I'm obsessed with Castle. I'm not afraid to talk openly about it...though I have noticed a deplorable lack of non-Castle gushing here at Cozy. Yes, that's about to change, too. Thank goodness for unlimited texting because despite the 300 miles between us, that's all my sister and I do on Monday nights - text about how great Rick Castle is!

I remember watching Castle from the get-go. After a little nudging, I got the sis and the hub to catch up on the first and second seasons so I would have someone to discuss it with. Now it seems we can't get enough! This season started out on the serious side, but I thought the premiere episode was fantastic. The level of drama lived up to all the hype for Season 4. With the second episode this Monday, however, despite all the murder and mayhem, the writers eased back into the quirky zone with a comic book-y theme, which of course made this geek hit the roof. I'm definitely pleased with Castle so far this season and looking forward to every Monday until Season 4 is officially over.

As always, I do have one request for the writers. There has to be some Castle/Beckett lovin' going on this season. You've made us wait too long. I know it might diffuse some of the tension the show runs on, but come on! It's been four years...give us something besides the it's-just-a-cover smooch from last season. I don't buy for a second that Beckett doesn't want to get with THIS....

I also now think it's time to talk openly about another obsession of mine: Damon Salvatore. Yes, I'm a Vampire Diaries fan. In exchange for getting her hooked on Castle, the sis decided to expose me to Damon. Probably because she knew I wouldn't be able to resist him. She was right. I'm caught up on the first two seasons of the show and am now thoroughly enjoying the third season. Again, unlimited texting comes in handy, this time on Thursday nights!

The thing I love most about Vampire Diaries (...besides Damon) is I get my paranormal fix every week. And unlike a lot of vampire television shows and movies, it's pretty unpredictable. (Nope, didn't read the books and for once I like it better that way.) It's got werewolves, witches, ghosts.... There's a real horror element to it as well, something I didn't think I would enjoy. Not a fan of horror at all. However, I can't get enough. And though it airs on the CW, the show appeals to pretty much every age demographic that enjoys a bit of bump-in-the-night. Plus, there's the added benefit of...did I say Damon?

I have a perfectly good explanation for why Damon is my new favorite vamp. He's the ultimate anti-hero. He's a bad boy. He doesn't want to be heroic. His love for heroine Elena is always in conflict with that, however, creating this fascinating character dynamic. Plus, he's sarcastic, he's sexy and he's a bit of a bitch...which is all a part of his very own brand of Damon-esque charm. Writers, please keep up the good work!

I'm going to wrap it up with a recap of Dancing with the Stars. Because of all the anticipation for Castle's new season, I wasn't hyped enough about Season 13 of DWTS to watch the season opener. Maybe because Maks came back for another season, maybe because I have absolutely no self-control - whatever it is, I enjoyed the second night of competition earlier this week. I'm now rooting for J.R. Martinez, the army veteran and soap actor. Come on, how could you not root this guy on? That goes for you, Len! Who cares if this jive was really a lindyhop? I bet it still made you smile....

Cozies, what's on your fall television line-up?

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