Monday, October 24, 2011

Coming Soon: Cozy Guest Fridays!

A new blog feature is coming to The Cozy Page! Cozy Guest Fridays will be a weekly fixture here at the ol' blog, starting November 4th. At The Roses of Prose, I was guest blog coordinator for two years. A few months ago, someone else took over that role. Soon after, I realized that I missed getting to know guest authors and their books and helping get the word out about their new releases. So I decided to set aside Fridays for guests!

With Cozy Guest Fridays returns my fickle muse and Cozy correspondent, Tink, as well as a few of her hunky comrades! Next Friday will mark the first of these events so be sure to mark your calendars for the party!

Oh, and if you're an author with a new release who is interested in booking a Cozy Guest Friday, find more information here....

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