Friday, November 4, 2011

Cozy Guest Friday: Georgie Lee

Welcome to this week’s edition of Cozy Guest Friday! Today’s victim…*ahem* special guest is Georgie Lee, author of A Little Legal Luck available now from The Wild Rose Press....

 On St. Patrick’s Day, the last thing paralegal Lisa Brennan needs is another lawyer in her life, but when handsome attorney Daniel Wilson shows he’s a sweetheart in an industry of sharks, she’s intrigued. Daniel is impressed by the pretty paralegal and her desire to succeed despite a bad job, but with the pressure of running his own firm, does he have time for a relationship? Thrown together in the jury pool, Lisa must overcome her prejudices about attorneys to trust Daniel and get lucky in love.

Stay tuned for a sneak peek into A Little Legal Luck! We go now to our Cozy correspondent Tink, live from her favorite tropical island of PutSomeRumin’it along with a few of her swashbuckling friends. Take it away, Tink….
*luau music*

Tink: Hello, Cozies! It’s a sunny day here on WanaLuvaPir’ate Beach. *rings bell* Jack will get you something to drink from the tiki bar…. Jack?

Tink: Oh, never mind. The rum’s probably gone anyway. Speaking of cocktails… Georgie, if you were a mixed drink what would you be and why?

Georgie: A pina colada, I’m a little bit serious, a little bit fruity and all in a curvy glass.

Tink: Excellent answer! We’ll have Jack bring us a round of those when he’s done playing tag with his friends. We’ll pass the time playing a round of Desert Island. Ready?.... If you were stuck on a desert island and could bring only one of the following…what would they be? Person? Song? Book?
Georgie: I suppose a survival guide would be the most practical thing but I think I would bring my husband.

Tink: Most importantly….what would you name your pet gourd? :)

Georgie: Gordy.

Tink: Now for a bit about your book. While we’re playing with the island jukebox, I might as well ask…if you wrote to music, what would be this book’s theme song?

Georgie: Irish Eyes Are Smiling. A Little Legal Luck takes place on St. Patrick’s Day and Irish imagery plays a big part in the story.

Tink: What are the first words your hero speaks to your heroine?

Georgie: “We aren’t going to get pinched today, are we?” These are Daniel’s first words to Lisa.

Tink: Would you define your hero as an alpha or a beta? Why?

Georgie: Alpha. He’s an attorney who put himself through law school and now runs his own firm. He takes chances and goes after what he wants.

Tink: Does your hero prefer to wear boxers, briefs, a kilt? Or does he go commando?

Georgie: Boxer-briefs. He likes the support but doesn’t want to be too snug.

Tink: What is your heroine’s idea of the perfect date?

Georgie: An evening at an Irish pub with a pint of Guinness and some greasy pub food.

Tink: What is your favorite thing about each character?

Georgie: I love Lisa’s determination and the way she keeps trying despite a number of setbacks. I love Daniel’s sweet side. He’s a lawyer but he isn’t the stereotypical sleezeball.

Tink: More seriously, what was your biggest challenge crafting this story or these characters?

Georgie: The biggest challenge was weaving in the Irish elements without being corny or disrupting the story. I wanted St. Patrick’s Day to play a part in the story but I didn’t want to hit people over the head with the Blarney Stone.

Tink: Now for a more in-depth look at the author… *puts on her smart glasses* I will now ask you a round of nosy and nonsensical questions developed by Bernard Peevo and used by James Lipton on Inside the Actor’s Studio…. Brace yourself J What’s your favorite word? Least favorite?

Georgie: Cloy is my least favorite word. When I took the GRE (the most pointless test in the universe, I might add), this word kept coming up in the study guide, and for some reason, I could never remember the definition. My favorite word is clearance. I hate paying full price for anything.

Tink: What’s your favorite curse word?

Georgie: A lady never cusses, dammit.

Tink: What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?

Georgie: I once considered becoming a pharmacist but alas, math and science are not my strong points.

Tink: What profession would you not like to participate in?

Georgie: Corporate motivational speaking. I just cannot shovel that much manure all while pretending to believe it.

Tink: There, that wasn’t so bad, was it? Now, just in time for the luau, let’s share a sneak peak from A Little Legal Luck with the Cozies back home….

“I’m hoping St. Patrick smiles on me today and I get picked for a trial.” Lisa laughed, finding the stranger’s upbeat mood infectious. “I’d kiss a lot of blarney stone to get out of work for a few days.”

He leaned forward, dropping his voice. “Then we must be the only two people here eager to do our patriotic duty.”

Glancing around the room at the bored women watching the morning show on the large overhead TVs and the college students absorbed in their i whatevers, she had the distinct feeling they were in the minority. “You want to serve?”

“I’m a lawyer, I know how important jurors are to the system.”

Her body tensed and the muscles in the back of her neck tightened.

Not all lawyers are like Lou, she reminded herself, taking a deep breath and forcing herself to relax.

Thankfully, he didn’t seem to notice her unconscious reaction as he held out his hand, and smiled, revealing perfect white teeth. “Daniel Wilson.” She grasped his hand, her skin tingling as his long fingers curled around hers.

Tink: And the final questions Jack has been dying to ask all day…. If you could choose anyone in the world to be the captain of your…er…ship…who would it be? J

Georgie: My husband, of course. Followed a close second by Mr. Darcy.

Tink: Which savvy piece of the Caribbean would you most like to take home – the Black Pearl, the Dead Man’s Chest, or the Fountain of Youth?

Georgie: I’ll take the Fountain of Youth please. Oil of Olay isn’t working like it used to.

Tink: Would you rather take your chances with a zombie, a mermaid, or Blackbeard?

Georgie: A mermaid. Like Jaws, if you stay out of the water, you aren’t in danger.

Tink: And most importantly…Captain Jack Sparrow or Will Turner? ;)

Georgie: This will surprise you, but my answer is none of the above. Captain Norrington is the man for me. The uniform, the accent, the height all combined with a calm commanding presence in the face of trouble. Yummy.

Tink: Ah, Norrington. Not to be forgotten! Especially when he comes back all disheveled-like in POTC: Dead Man's Chest.

Tink: C'mon, who doesn't want to hug that? And now we hula! From PutSomeRumin’it…this is Tink, Georgie, and Jack signing off….

A dedicated history and film buff, Georgie Lee loves combining her passion for Hollywood, history and storytelling through romantic fiction. She began writing professionally at a small TV station in San Diego before moving to Los Angeles to work in the interesting but strange world of the entertainment industry. When not writing, she enjoys reading non-fiction history and watching any movie with a costume and an accent. Visit to learn more about Georgie and her books! She can also be found on Facebook and Twitter....

Readers, Jack still seems to be drumming up some votes for himself. If you had to choose between our naughty pirate, Will Turner, or Norrington, who would it be?


Amber Leigh Williams said...

Thank you Georgie for a terrific interview! I hope Tink was a fair hostess....

As for much as I adore Captain Jack...I have to go with Will. He might be more beta than alpha but out of all three he reminds me most of my own hero :)

Anonymous said...

what a fun blog, Georgie.

Melissa Cutler said...

What a fun interview, Amber and Georgie! You're heroine sounds right up my alley with the pint of beer and pub food :)

Georgie Lee said...

Thanks for having me Amber, I had fun with the questions!

Melissa, isn't pub food just the greates comfort food?

Lisa Kessler said...

Super fun interview ladies!!! :)

Loved the excerpt too Georgie!!! Congratulations on the new release!

Lisa :)

Anonymous said...

Very entertaining, Ladies. Your book sounds like fun! Good *ahem* luck with it, Georgie!


Sally said...

Dr. Darcy over Henry Tilney??
You mean those motivational speakers may have an agenda?

Sounds like a fun read.
Keep up the good work.

LaVerne Clark said... had me at Guiness, especially if its freshly poured from a pub in Dublin. Sounds like your heroine and I could be best friends : )

I'm with Georgie and would choose Norrington with Jack Sparrow a close second.

Calisa Rhose said...

Great luau ladies (and Jack). I have to take Jack. He's already got my heart and then some!

Nancy Jardine said...

Great read of a Friday Eve. Thanks for the entertaining blog post.

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Georgie,
A fun interview.You are so loyal to your hubby I really like that.You won me over with the pint of beer and the pub food.



Mackenzie Crowne said...

Thanks for the laugh, ladies. Very entertaining. Georgie, if A Little Legal Luck is written in the same voice, it's a best seller in the making.

Cherie Marks said...

What a fun interview! And I have to agree with Norrington, especially when he goes all bad boy.

Jennifer Ann Coffeen said...

What a fun interview. I'm going to pour a dark beer and check out this book!

Amber Leigh Williams said...

Thank you to everyone who participated in Georgie's Cozy Guest Friday! Tink and I had a blast at this luau :)

Mary Ricksen said...

I'm with Georgie, it's the captain for me. But Jack looks like he might clean up well. If I had to choose...
What a predicament!!!