Saturday, February 4, 2012

14 Days of Romance: Cassandre Dayne

Today’s 14 Days of Romance guest is author Cassandre Dayne, whose favorite romantic comedy was based off of a book! Take it away, Cassandre….

What’s romantic about Valentine’s Day? Well – everything to me. I love the holiday and the passion around it and I think it’s the time of year we all love reading something passionate. Now I’m not a traditionalist in any way as far as romance so I tend to read things of romance that really burn within my soul and might be considered a little out of the ordinary. So… my favorite love story is based on the movie The Holiday. I loved this one because it’s really about bridging not only cultures and classes but about the simpler things in life including sharing laughs at times when we’re not our best. I loved the interaction of the characters and when you read the book you even get a touch more of the fabulous developing relationships between them. I am not a sappy movie person but that has to be one I cry at every time. BTW – a little trivia – this is based off the book titled Life Swap.

In writing – I wrote a piece for Valentine’s Day that grapples with the aspect of extreme loss and couples it with learning to love again with the help of a beloved horse. I’m a total animal person and am lucky enough to have two dogs so they’ve been my joy.

Here’s a peek into Cassandre’s latest release, Hearts Forged by Fire….

For rancher Zeke Parker, every day was difficult. Not only was Rattlesnake Ranch falling on hard times but he couldn’t get over the horrible grief plaguing him for over a year. The death of his lover, David, had nearly stripped away his soul. As Valentine’s Day drew near his sister Sandi was determined to drag him out of his private hell. Agreeing to be a part of a charity auction for the humane society, Zeke figured one date with a wealthy woman wasn’t going to kill him. But during dinner at Sandi’s house, Zeke meets movie producer Drake Wilson, who's scouting locations for an upcoming movie, and sparks fly.

After an impetuous moment of heat, both men are skittish and each have their reasons for pulling back. But Cupid has other ideas in mind. When a rouse brings the two men together, passion roars between them but damning secrets are too much for either to deal with. Just as Zeke is determined to give up on love forever, Cupid intervenes again and this time, the arrow goes straight through Zeke's heart. 

Thank you so much for sharing, Cassandre! Readers, find out more about Cassandre and her books at her website. Hearts Forged by Fire is available now at All RomanceeBooks….

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