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14 Days of Romance: L.M. Brown

Welcome to Day 11 of the 14 Days of Romance celebration! We’re counting down the final stretch to Valentine’s Day with author L.M. Brown! Welcome, L.M., and take it away…. 

First of all, thanks for Amber for letting me blog with her today.

To ask me to pick my all time favourite romance novel is pretty much an impossible task.   Thankfully Amber is allowing her guests to pick more than one.  Hopefully I can narrow it down to my favourite three romance novels and not write an epic post for her blog detailing dozens or more.  Hey, it isn’t out of the question for me – I used to run a book review site and have hundreds to choose from.

Despite being published in the male/male romance genre, I am actually pretty flexible when it comes to my reading habits and many of my favourites are male/female romances.

The first of my favourites, and if I had to pick just one this would be it, is Banishment by Dinah Lampitt.  I imagine most people reading this blog post will never have heard of this author or this particular book.  She is far more famous under her other name, Deryn Lake.  However, this is the first book of hers that I read and it probably the most re-read book I own.

There are many reasons why I love this book so much, though the biggest one is that it is a bloody good story.  This book is the one that convinced me that stories with romance in didn’t have to be predictable or run to a set formula. 

The book is also responsible for getting me into the paranormal romance genre as well as actually making me interested in history, something I had up until this point thought impossible. 

It is the story of a modern day actress who is a hedonist without remorse (certainly not your average romance heroine!) who undergoes and experiment in regression hypnosis for a joke.  The joke is on her though when she finds herself trapped in a past life, that of a young woman in the 17th Century at the outbreak of the English Civil War. 

It is well worth a read if you want something a little different from your average damsel in distress romance novel.

For my second choice, I would have to go with The Wild Swans by Kate Holmes.  This one is a much more traditional romance novel than Banishment, and is marketed at such.  It also has one of my favourite book covers ever. 

It is re-told fairy tale of a princess who is cursed to be silent in order to save her brothers, who have been turned into swans by an ogre.  Unable to go home, she is taken in by the king of a neighbouring kingdom, who has mistaken her for a peasant and has vowed to marry the first woman he meets who does not talk his ear off. 

What I love most about this book is the humour.  It can make me laugh out loud no matter how many times I read it.

For my third and final choice I am going to move away from the male/female genre, despite having many more favourite books from the likes of Sherrilyn Kenyon, Sandra Hill and Lynn Kurland. Instead, I am going to pick my favourite male/male romance.   The choice here is just as difficult.  Even though I am relatively new to the genre, only a few years in I have already got many favourite authors on my ‘must buy’ list, S J Frost, Ethan Day, and A.K.M Miles, to name only a few. 

However, I am going to restrain myself and stick to just one book.  I have chosen one that has mystery as well as romance and is one of the few books that has actually made me cry in recent years.  Breathe by Sloan Parker.

It not only has two thoroughly engaging heroes, it has a mystery that kept me guessing, and that is something which rarely happens with romance novels.  I read far too many mysteries in my teenage years and can usually figure out mystery plots with very little effort.

So, those are the three romance novels I have managed to pick out of the hundreds I have read and loved over the years.  They are all well worth a read and if you do choose to read any or all of them, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

L.M. Brown

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Thank you for sharing your favorite romances with us today, L.M.! Readers, to purchase Gift of Love, visit Silver Publishing! Find out more about L.M. and her books at her website, blog, Facebook, and Goodreads….

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