Friday, January 24, 2014

More Big Book News on the Way...

Here I am once again, Cozies, writing a cryptic blog post based on wonderful news from my agent! If you follow me on Twitter, you can probably guess what that good news is all about since I’ve been updating followers regularly with the latest on the sequel to my Harlequin romance, A Place with Briar (April 2014). Here’s a quick recap on that score….

The first book in the series is about an innkeeper named Briar Browning who owns her mother’s bed-and-breakfast on the Eastern Shore of the Mobile Bay. The hero, Cole Savitt, is a man with a past who comes to stay at the bed-and-breakfast under false pretenses. There are many colorful secondary characters involved in the book. One of them, who plays a major part in Briar and Cole’s storyline, is Briar’s first cousin, Olivia Lewis. After completing work on A Place with Briar, I simply could not ignore Olivia’s voice so I started writing her story, especially when I got to know her own hero, a British writer who might or might not be a cross between Dan Stevens and Prince Harry. Ladies, do I have your attention? I thought so ;)  Somewhere around a week or so ago, I finally finished the manuscript and turned it and a synopsis in to my agent.

Less than a week after she sent it to my editor at Harlequin, she got a great response – so great I’m bouncing off the walls! It means good news for Olivia’s story but there’s more that I cannot wait to share. Of course, I will hold off until things are a bit more official. Hopefully, that will be very soon. I’m thrilled for the stories as well as the characters. They’ve come a long way and I can’t wait to share them with you all!

In honor of my favorite holiday, Valentine’s Day, which is coming up fast on the calendar and this latest round of good writing news, I’ll be posting the first excerpt from A Place with Briar on the Roses ofProse blog during the first week of February! Be sure to check back in here, at my website, Twitter, or Facebook for more details in the meantime….

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