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Cozy Countdown to A PLACE WITH BRIAR - Excerpt #3 (1 DAY TO GO!)....

Only 1 day to go in our Cozy Countdown! April 1st will mark the launch of my Harlequin Superromance debut, A Place With Briar, and our big release day party here at the ol’ blog. I’ll be announcing the winner, first runner-up and second runner-up of the Fool for Romance Contest. The winner will receive the book bundle of their choice out of the three I posted previously. The first runner-up will receive their choice between the remaining two, and the second runner-up will take home the last book bundle. The overall winner will also be in the running for the Fool for Romance Grand Prize drawing, a $100 Amazon Gift Card. All these prizes and more are still up for grabs. Readers, you have until midnight EST tonight to be in the running. For more on the book bundle giveaway, click here. To read more details about the grand prize and others, visit the main contest page. If you plan to enter or have already entered, please remember to check back tomorrow to see if you are one of the three names drawn and to find out if you are in the grand prize running….

During the book launch party tomorrow, I will also be revealing my new official author headshot, chosen by you – the readers!

Another note: by subscribing to my mailing list before midnight EST tonight not only are you a Fool for Romance prize contender; tomorrow morning when my April reader newsletter goes out, you will find out where you can read the first 10 pages of A Place With Briar! Plus, where to find more prizes during next month’s virtual book tour. (You can subscribe with the pink button near the top of the right sidebar….)

Today’s the finale of our 3-Day Excerpt Extravaganza. Enjoy the last peek into tomorrow’s release, Cole and Briar’s first kiss. This was probably my favorite first kiss to write ;)   

Cole took off his helmet as Briar rubbed warmth back into her thighs. For form’s sake, he checked the gauges before switching the lights off and pulling the key out of the motorcycle’s ignition. Shifting to pocket it, he glanced back at her. “You all right?”

“A little warmer,” she said in a voice coated in sleep.

He felt the tug again down low and cleared his throat. “Need some help down?”

“I’ve got it.” Still, her hand gripped his shoulder as she dismounted.

Sliding off, he shifted from foot to foot, trying to get the blood moving. Preferably away from his pelvis.

Cole followed her up the steps to the inn as she unlocked the door, holding it open for him to enter then shutting it at his back. She flipped the latch behind them and switched on the entryway light. “I guess I should thank you, Cole.”

With a short smile, he led her down the hall to the kitchen. “Only if you enjoyed yourself.”

“I did,” she said, a little surprised. “I’m sorry to say I didn’t expect to.” 

As the stove light fell over them and he turned to face her, he let out a laugh.

“What?” she asked, alarmed.

He gestured up. “You’re, ah…still wearing the helmet.”

Lifting a hand to it, she gasped. “Oh, shoot. I forgot all about it.”

When she struggled with the strap, he stepped forward to rescue her. “Let me get it.”

She closed her eyes. “I can’t believe I forgot. It felt so awkward when I first put it on.”

“You were relaxed,” he told her, making quick work of the strap.

“I admit, when I warmed up, I got kind of numb.” She pried off the helmet, running a hand over her loosening ponytail. 

He began to step back then couldn’t. His blood sang at the sight of her flushed cheeks and heavy lids. As she pulled the band from her hair, raking it with her fingers and teasing the strands into place over her shoulders, the scent enveloped him.

Everything he’d felt that night swamped him again, leaving little room for rational inhibition. He moved in, no warning. Her breath had barely caught before his lips captured hers.

A small sound of surprise escaped her throat as his hands closed over her hips, maneuvering her back against the counter. She gripped his shoulders but didn’t push him away. After a shocked second, her fingers curled into his shirt.

 Her lips were soft, plusher than he’d imagined. Sinking in, he didn’t progress further. He could’ve gulped, taken, plundered, demanded. But he held back because her breath cascaded over his face. He opened his eyes and saw the pinched bar between hers. As if, like him, she fought a costly, silent inner battle.

He lifted his lips but didn’t step back, waiting for her to look at him.

It took her a minute. With a great deal of effort, her lids pried back from her stirring, honey irises…and heat kindled in them, throwing a lit match on the dry brush inside him.

She pressed her lips together and searched his eyes. They parted once then twice before she whispered, “What was that?”

His heart thumped heavily between them, and he didn’t think he could stop it. “I…I’m not sure.”

Her teeth latched on to her lower lip in a move that tormented the hell out of him, and her gaze lowered to his mouth. “Maybe you could…do it again?”

No mistaking the request. The plea. Glutton for punishment, he gazed at her lips. Wanting. Needing.

Facing once again something he could not have.

There you have it, folks! The last teaser. You have until the end of the day to preorder A Place With Briar at any of the following links….  

Add the book to your To-Be-Read list at Goodreads and get a glimpse into what inspired me to write the story, characters, and the setting on the inspiration board at Pinterest….

The wait is almost over, Cozies! Tomorrow my book will be on bookstores shelves. I’m still having trouble believing it. Don’t miss tomorrow’s book launch party here at The Cozy Page and a happy Monday to all!

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