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Tink's Hump Day Heroes: Cole Savitt....

Welcome to my new Wednesday blog feature here at The Cozy Page: Tink’s Hump Day Heroes! A little backstory on Tink, for those of you who don’t know her. Back when I hosted guest authors here at the ol’ blog, Tink was the one to interview them. I’ll warn you: she has no filter and asks the most outlandish questions so be prepared. Or, I should say, heroes, you be prepared! Tink is actually my fickle muse who spends most of the year on a desert island visited frequently by Captain Jack Sparrow and other sexy, dashing heroes of the high seas….

In May, I’ll be opening up Tink’s Hump Day Heroes feature to guest authors and their heroes. Authors, I’ll be releasing more details about this closer to the end of April so stay tuned for that….

Today’s victim…*ahem* hero is a familiar face. To keep the release week party going for my Harlequin Superromance debut, A Place With Briar, the hero Cole has bravely volunteered to be Tink’s first interviewee. Good luck, sweet cheeks – and I should say welcome back, Tink!  

Tink: Name?
Cole Savitt

Tink: Hair color?
Dark Brown

Tink: Eye color?

Tink: Occupation?

Right now, I’m between jobs. Unless you count this under-the-table undercover work I’m doing for my ex at Hanna’s Inn. I’m a retired narcotics detective.

Tink: Hometown?

Huntsville, Alabama

Tink: Are you the first one on the dance floor or not so much?

Cole: I can’t claim to be much of a dancer so not so much.

Tink: What is your preferred mode of transportation?
Cole: A black Harley Davidson cruiser

Tink: Would you rather tell someone you love them or show it?

Cole: Show it, definitely.

Tink: Who is the person you look up to most in life?

Cole: Up until his passing, it was my father. Lately, I think it's been more my older brother, Tad, and the life he lives with his family.

Tink: Travel to the past or into the future?

Cole: Into the future, just so I know if my ex-wife is telling the truth and if I do her dirty work at Hanna’s Inn then I can have my son in my life again - and hurting Briar will be worth it all. My gut tells me it won't be....

Tink: What would you give your heroine if you needed forgiveness?

Cole: Do you know something I don’t about that future we were just talking about? Well, if that woman were anything like Briar Browning, groveling. Lots of it. She deserves it.  

Tink: Would you describe yourself as more alpha or beta?

Cole: From an instinctual standpoint, I’m alpha. Sometimes I feel those tendencies edging toward the forefront despite the fact that I’m no longer a cop. But so long as I don’t feel threatened, I’m working on being a bit more beta. Helps me fade into the wordwork better, which is what I need to get into Briar’s finances and finish my ex-wife’s wicked errand.

Tink: Would you make the first move or wait it out?

Cole: It depends on the situation. Usually, I’m much more sure of myself. When it comes to Briar, not so much. I don’t want to hurt her.

Tink: Do you have a favorite song?

Cole: Briar was humming something by Ray Charles the other day. It’s been stuck in my head ever since. Funny, I never claimed to be a fan of soul.

Tink: What is your idea of a dream date?

Cole: A quiet inn. Summer sunlight shining through the windows. A couple of Briar’s BLTs and maybe some of her homemade lemonade and potato salad, too. We could make a picnic of it on the sun porch. She can cook so long as she lets me do the washing up.  

Tink: Karaoke: yes or no?
Cole: Hell no.

Tink: And – most importantly – do you wear boxers, briefs, or commando?
Cole: Er…I’d much rather let Briar find that out for herself, thank you very much. But, if you must know…commando.

Thank you, Cole, for answering Tink’s prying questions! Readers, to find out more about Cole and his heroine, Briar, as of yesterday you can purchase their story, A Place With Briar, in store or online at the following retailers….

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Oh, and get a peek at that sleek Harley Davidson cruiser Cole was talking about at my inspiration board for A Place With Briar on Pinterest....
I hope you’ve enjoyed the first of Tink’s Hump Day Heroes! Check back in next Wednesday for more. Tomorrow’s Throwback Thursday and the weekend scoop on some big stops on my virtual book tours + two big giveaways!

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