Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tink's Hump Day Heroes: Judd Black....

It’s that time of week again: “Hump day!” Sorry. I’ve never actually done that before. Never again. Anyway, my muse Tink has traveled to West Texas for the next few weeks to interview my three cowboy heroes from the Ridges of Wayback, TX trilogy (an opportunity she leapt on with a great amount of enthusiasm, I'll add). First up is the hero of Blackest Heart, silent cowboy Judd Black. (It should be noted that Judd submitted his answers in writing and only under enormous pressure…. In fact, his heroine Stella may or may not have filled out parts of the interview for him after he refused, LOL)

Tink: Name?
Judd Black

Tink: Hair color?
Dark Brown, almost black

Tink: Eye color?
[Tink: On closer inspection, they are brown shot through with green. Good God, are they gorgeous!] 

Tink: Occupation?
I'm a ranch hand at Ridge Range. Sometimes I bull ride at the local rodeo arena.
[Tink: This hero is extremely modest. Everyone in Wayback says he's the best bull rider in town. He has the gold buckles to prove it. Not that they are anywhere to be found in his cabin. I checked.]

Tink: Hometown?
Wayback, Texas. Raised by the Ridge family but born in a neighboring town. Not that I talk about life before the Ridges and Wayback. Ever.


Tink: Are you the first one on the dance floor or not so much?
I don’t dance
[Tink: He's not lying here. I tried to get him to boot-scoot with me Friday night at The Blue Bug Saloon. No go.]


Tink: What is your preferred mode of transportation?
Anything big enough to haul my horse’s trailer and tough enough to get out of the mud come raining season.

Tink: Would you rather tell someone you love them or show it?
Show it.
[Tink: I'll say! It's more in the way he looks at Stella, every damn time. Lucky gal.]

Tink: Who is the person you look up to most in life?
Jim Black, my adoptive father.

Tink: Travel to the past or into the future?
Future. The past wasn’t all that great.


Tink: What would you give your heroine if you needed forgiveness?
There’s not much I can give a woman like Stella that she doesn’t already have other than a quiet home away from the city and fame she’s came back to Wayback to escape. Here with me, of course, at the cabin.
[Tink: Ladies, he built this cabin and the barn with his own two hands. And he has a blind dog, Elwood. I think I'm a goner.]


Tink: Would you describe yourself as more alpha or beta?
If you’re referring to that fistfight with Stella’s brother, Keefe, he had it coming.
[Tink: He seems to be an alpha in wait. Like a wolf ready to spring into action....]

Tink: Would you make the first move or wait it out?.
Stella will tell you I like to sit back and wait.
[Tink: I've been watching these two pretty closely. Technically, it was Judd who made the first move. Just sayin'.]


Tink: Do you have a favorite song?
Anything by Johnny Cash.

Tink: What is your idea of a dream date?
Quiet night here at the cabin. Steaks on the grill. Some of the Wayback home brew.


Tink: Karaoke: yes or no?


Tink: And – most importantly – do you wear boxers, briefs, or commando?
That’s none of your damn business.

Stella: Hi, Tink! I’m happy to report after a night at the cabin with a bottle of Wayback’s best home brew that there’s nothing but Judd underneath those Wranglers J Cheers!

Tink: Yes, yes! Exactly as I suspected. Thank you for delivering the news, Stella! And may I just say, I'm insanely jealous.  

Dear Judd, please allow me to apologize for my muse, Tink's, behavior in Wayback so far. Apparently, she has been stalking you relentlessly. If it makes you feel any better, I'll be unleashing her on Stella's big brother, Keefe, soon enough....

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