Thursday, February 12, 2015

Throwback Thursday....

I’ve been saying for a week or two now that Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday of the year. There’s a reason for this beyond the fact that I write romance novels for a living. I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. Nothing was better growing up than decorating my own little white paper bag so classmates could drop their valentines inside. Even as I matured into adolescence, the awkwardness of youth couldn’t thwart my enthusiasm whenever Valentine’s Day rolled around. You never knew when a secret admirer would reveal himself. In the latter years of high school, I looked forward to the first class of the day when carnations would be delivered to those who had real valentines, hoping it would be my year….

It wasn’t until I graduated that I found my true valentine. He was well worth waiting for. And when our first Valentine’s Day together rolled around eight months into our relationship and he got down on one knee and proposed, it’s safe to say that he redeemed my lifelong love of February 14th and everything that comes with it…

So here’s to St. Valentine, Cupid, my beloved husband, and everybody else who makes Valentine’s Day worth waiting for every year!
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