Saturday, September 8, 2007

Dreams DO Come True

The good news came in last night. I went to a high school football game to watch my sister perform in the marching band colorguard. It was late when Jacob and I got back home. I was just going to skim over my email to make sure GCC's meeting in Mobile hadn't been canceled and I saw a message from Wendi Felter. I didn't recognize the name. The subject was Your Book. I opened it up and skimmed over it. I saw the words Red Rose Publishing and got excited, but the note was so short on first glance I knew it was a rejection.

Then I saw the word contract.......

I stared for a moment, felt a little bump-ditty-bump in my belly which I'm pretty sure was my heart. When I got my breath back I screamed for Jacob. I let him read it for himself. We had a brief close to party as you can get in a cramped office space then sat down to read the contract breaking off of course for little squeals of excitment or knowing smiles.

I couldn't sleep and laid in bed smiling at the ceiling until 2 a.m. I got up just before 7 this morning to read the email again...just to make sure it wasn't another dream...

Thursday I saw three rainbows, one on its own and two side-by-side. I hadn't seen a rainbow in ages. My mother told me she saw one yesterday. There are signs EVERYWHERE!!!

Dreams do come true for those who dare to pursue them! I don't have words to describe how incredible it is to finally be able to say that with absolute certainty!


Anonymous said...

That is FANTASTIC!!!! I want to know all of the details! Suzie

Jennifer Linforth said...

You have my deepest congrats.


Dottie said...

You are like Sunshine.......and Rainbows all around!! No surprise!! Not to be redundant but.....I am SO PROUD OF YOU!! Don't forget, keep me posted.

Tambra said...

I'm so very happy you are a part of the Red Rose Publishing family.
I wish you all the best!

Tambra Kendall