Saturday, September 22, 2007

Justa Truckin'

Some blog fans are telling me it’s time to update. When I finally have news, I stop being responsible. Must be the swollen ego. My profound apologies.

I’m living on the loops right now and working on my WIP. It’s slow going, but I’m working on it. Tonight and tomorrow I have to write two and a half chapters to reach my weekly goal. I joined a writing goal group, WritingGIAMx2, which has been really good for me. Last week I committed a travesty and didn’t get to the end of chapter five so I’m determined to get to it this week!

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

I’ve been chatting with the authors on the Red Rose Publishing loop. They’ve helped the reality sink in: I’m getting published! Holy cow! I’ve talked to the owner of Red Rose Publishing over the phone and loop. I feel so confident in Red Rose Publishing now and proud to be among the ranks of RRP authors. E-publishers have been popping up and disappearing soon after right and left! But her assurances and the precautions she’s taken to insure Red Rose Publishing’s survival leave her authors no worries! Plus, two of the authors are on the bestseller list at an ebook store. Talk about encouraging!

So that’s my two-cents for now! I’m waiting for an editor, a release date, and a cover! My website will be ready really soon! My aunt and uncle took pictures for it today. I got my hair done, makeup...everything. I played the ham for about half an hour then I turned it off before it got too annoying. I'm getting business cards done, too! Maybe I'll put one in my next post. I owe mountains of gratitude to Stuart and Suzie Campbell who've done a great job handling my many tentative requests and chronic inability to make concrete decisions. I admire your patience. Hope this brings us both business!

Check out the great books and authoresses at Red Rose Publishing:

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