Sunday, October 7, 2007

Eight Random Facts

It seems I have been blog-tagged. I was just passing time, cruising some friends' recent blog posts when I came across Cynthia Eden's who has tagged anyone who reads her Eight Random Facts post. So are you ready?

Eight Random Facts About Amber Leigh Williams

1. My married name is Shedeck. It's pretty easy to pronounce. Just break it into two words: "she" and "deck". Not everyone understands this concept, however, so I just went with my maiden name. I've yet to meet anyone stupid enough to mispronounce Williams.

2. This is terribly embarrassing to admit now, but back in my tween years when N*sync and The Backstreet Boys were having that "I'm better than you" feud, I was a Backstreet loyalist. My sister and I even wore a heart-shaped BSB pendant on a chain around our necks for the longest time.

3. I have several nicknames between family and friends. My mother once called me "Amber Louise" which soon shortened somehow into "Weezy," which she still calls me to this day. I'm not sure where it developed, but a popular nickname for me in amongst my family and high school friends is "Tiny" because I'm the smallest member of my immediate and extended families. Well, second shortest. My cousin Matthew doesn't really count because he's a baby! In middle school (tween years again), friends called me "Cover Girl" because I wore so much makeup and Niki Taylor was my idol. And yes: I'd still kill for that smile.

4. I have a long-standing crush on George Clooney.

5. Before writing became my passion, I wanted to be a high school A.P. English teacher. I still have the lesson plans I wrote in my spare time.

6. While thousands complained that the Epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was too corny and ruined the finale's impact, I thought it was wonderful. I've also been cheering on Hermione and Ron's relationship since the fourth book when they had that blow-up over Hermione's Yule Ball date with bon-bon Viktor Krum. Mushy, mushy me...

7. First town I ever lived in? Burntcorn, Alabama. Never heard of it? I've yet to meet a stranger who has.

8. Besides RWR (RWA's Romance Writers' Report), I have only one magazine subscription. Can you guess what it is? Bet you didn't pick Vogue. I read it cover to cover every month. My favorite designer? Oscar de la Renta!!! One day...

Since I don't know enough people with blogs to make a tagged list, I'm going with Cynthia's idea and tagging everyone who reads this. By the way, Cindy: thanks for the excuse to reminisce!!!

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