Friday, November 9, 2007

Candle in the Wind

We don't hear many kismet tales these days. I think that's one of the reasons romance readers are treated with such contempt. People don't believe in fate or destiny anymore. Love has become common and, in a way, may have lost its value among the cynical majority of the population. And there are those who are lucky enough to find themselves in fateful situations but put it aside because it interferes with the focus they're putting into a job or class. As a romantic, I've been called a silly dreamer more than once in my life. The idea of love has become a candle in the wind.

So I can't express how refreshing it was to see this video on Yahoo this afternoon. A young man on a NYC subway saw the girl of his dreams, but he couldn't get up enough gumption to talk to her. He let her walk away and regretted it so much, he went home and designed a website dedicated to this mystery woman he deemed his "dream girl."

Though just about everyone in the great city of New York has access to the Internet, it still seems unlikely that anyone could find one person amongst the whopping eight million who live there. But, alas, he did thanks to Dream Girl's co-worker who recognized the drawing of her on the young man's website.

Even if it doesn't work out between these two, I'm glad this story came to light. The headlines have been a barrage of bad news this week (from the San Francisco Bay oil spill to the girl who got detention for hugging a friend in school to the death of one of the last survivors of Titanic) and to see something like this really eases me. Hopefully, it will force people to stop and think about little things like love and romance in this world gone wrong. There's nothing that makes me feel more alive. There's nothing that makes life more worthwhile.

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Stacy Thompson said...

What a moment. I hope we see them again one day, celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary on GMA. Sweet article Amber. You make it easy to believe in romance. And for those who may feel they've forgotten what romance is, you make it easy to remember. Such a gift. This is what makes you such a shining success story. Congratulations.