Friday, February 15, 2008

The First Excerpt Is Here!!!!!!

Exciting news: Fox & Hound will be released on February 28th and I'm posting the first excerpt today here at home on my blog and on various loops! This Friday and next Friday I will be giving free teasers and then another one on release day! Stay tuned and enjoy!

Excerpt #1:
“Bandero’s a master,” Celestia reminded him. “He’d know when someone is messing around with his job.”
“You know him,” Todd said. “You were closer to him than anyone. You must know how he works and thinks.”

She raised a shoulder. “I’ve tried to forget. But I want to hurt him…just like he hurt me. And you’re right. His ego’s where his heart should be.” She smirked again. “I have an excellent memory.”

“We could get some real good guys on this, too,” he told her. “My friend, Mike, could help out. And Mole.”
“The return of the Invisible Men,” she muttered.
“I’m being serious about this.”
“To beat Bandero, you’ve got to be smart and cautious. Subtle. His style isn’t quiet. He always goes out with a bang.”
“That would explain the fireworks show he added to your disappearing act.”
“I had no idea,” she vowed. “I wouldn’t have agreed to it.”
“Back to the future, are we agreed?”
She eyed his outstretched hand cannily. “Are you sure you can trust me?”
"If you want to get this guy as badly as I do then yes, I can trust you.”
She nodded, putting her hand in his. “Partners then.” They shook hands before she added,
“You’ll be staying in a hotel until other arrangements can be made.”
“Why? Don’t you trust me?”
“No,” she replied in all honesty. “Not because I think you’re dangerous but because you’re a thief. Just like me.”
He shook his head. “I’m nothing like you.”
“Maybe soon you’ll realize we have more in common than you think. You know your way out, I imagine.”
“Well.” He went to the balcony door and slipped through it. He saluted her as he threw his legs over the balcony rail and fell into the dark night air.
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