Thursday, February 14, 2008

From a Lover to Another

The traditional items one receives from a loved one on Valentine's Day is usually flowers, candy hearts, chocolates, and maybe even sexy lingerie. This Valentine's was different. All month I dropped not-so-subtle hints of what I wanted. The new Becoming Jane DVD. The Hug-Me puppy from Hallmark. Daisies. I planned to cook dh a special meal (something I very rarely do). But when dh and I went over the budget we mutually decided that Valentine's Day would have to be postponed this year. So I was stunned the next morning when he woke me up as he always does before he goes to work and wished me a Happy Valentine's with a kiss. But instead of telling me to have a good day and exchanging "I love you"s, he said, "Open your eyes." Puzzled, I did and saw the blue sailboat painting I'd mentioned in passing I'd like to have for our blue bedroom. This was a pleasant surprise because it was one of those things I knew he'd hardly heard me say. Boy, was I speechless! Who needs flowers and candy? This Valentine's present is EXTRA special!


Wendi said...

That's so sweet, Amber. He was paying attention, and better yet, he remembered. You've got yourself a keeper! Hope the rest of your day was as special. :)

Wendi Darlin

Amber Leigh Williams said...

Hope your Valentine's was special too, Wendi!