Friday, January 29, 2010

Cowboy Lovin' Day 29: First Look at BET IT ON MY HEART

Today is the day that I introduce Keefe Ridge and Bet It On My Heart - Book III in the Wayback Ridge trilogy - exclusively to readers of The Cozy Page and to celebrate Cowboy Lovin'. I've said it once, I'll say it again: this cowboy was a whole barn full of fun to write! He has all the ingredients of the true cowboy hero that I love and more! He's a man of the land, he likes his women but he sees himself as a solitary individual. Plus, if you thought his brother Casey from Bluest Heart was charming, you haven't seen anything yet! Throw in a ball-bustin' Yankee heroine to knock him down a notch or two and...well, why don't I just let them tell you more about the story. Here's the official first look at Bet It On My Heart:

Keefe Ridge's bronc-busting days are nearly over. Despite that and the fact that he is slowly making his dream business venture a reality, Wayback's wildest cowboy doesn't see any reason to settle down. He is even willing to bet that marriage isn't in the cards at all for him.
Agent Calli Morlani came to Wayback on a mission: to bring Stella Ridge back to Hollywood . When Stella refuses, she dares Calli to take in some local color and see what Wayback has to offer. Whether that includes Stella's devastatingly charming brother becomes irrevelant once Calli finds herself in bed with him - in more ways than one…

Will it take a tough city girl to make the Wayback playboy finally fall long and hard? Or will Keefe give Calli a reason to stay? Place your bet!
"Are you a gift from God or do they make all the men like you around here?"
"What’re you talking about?" he asked with a chuckle, threading his fingers through hers and pull-ing her close, navel to navel.
"You ride a horse like a Trojan warrior," she pointed out. "You happen to look like one, too, minus the hat and boots. You’re ninety-nine-point-nine-nine percent charm. And you also happen to be a fabulous dancer." She tilted her head curiously. "All that’s missing is ‘Great Kisser.’"
He lowered his lips. They brushed hers as he murmured, "Got that covered."
Her eyes drifted to a close while he lingered a breath away, teasing her. That fresh smell of his wrapped her close and warm. "Of course, you do." Her lips parted under his to accept the full depth of his smoldering kiss. The hands she’d twined at the nape of his neck fell limp on his collar. Her head bowed back into his cupped palm as his tongue danced over hers in firm, languid strokes.
Heart pattering, breath stalling, she hardly no-ticed the hum that escaped her throat. His hand was trekking down her back, long fingers inciting the skin underneath the zipper of her dress.
The song ended, but she didn’t break away from him when applause sounded around them and people began to nudge past them on and off the dance floor. His hands gripped her hips as the kiss intensified.
Good God.
BET IT ON MY HEART (c) Amber Leigh Williams
Look for it March 3, 2010! The teaser trailer should launch here at Cozy in late February. The Wayback Ridge trilogy doesn't have to be read in order, but if you'd like to catch up, Book I - award-winning Blackest Heart - is available for just $3.00 from TWRP and is featured in the paperback anthology The Way Back Home! Book II, Bluest Heart, is a new release at TWRP, downloaded for just $3.75!
And I'll be signing copies of The Way Back Home as well as LASR "Best Book" Forever Amore and romantic suspense Denied Origin for readers at the 2010 Silken Sands Conference on the Beach in March! For more details, check out the GCCRWA website....
Today is the last day to enter Donna Marie Roger's giveaway for a free western romance. There is also still tiem to enter Christine Columbus's giveaway for a free paperback western romance. And stay tuned tomorrow for reflections on Cowboy Lovin'....
***Today only, I'm giving away a copy of Blackest Heart at Much Cheaper Than Therapy to one lucky commenter. Be sure to drop by!


Carol L. said...

Hi Amber,
Loved the blurb and have it on my TRL. That's some mighty fine dancin you desribed. :) Look forward to Bet It On My Heart.
Thanks for sharing.
Carol L.

Anonymous said...

This book sounds really good and I have added it to my TBR list.
Enjoyed reading the comments and blurb.

Stacey Joy Netzel said...

Thanks for the sneak peek, Amber! Sounds REALLY good!

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing that February is only a few days away because I want to see the trailer.

Amber Leigh Williams said...

Carol - thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the dancing. That's just one of the things Keefe and Calli do well ;)

Joye - thank you very much for putting BIOMH on your TBR list! I hope you enjoy it!

Stacey - thanks for stopping by again. So glad you liked the sneak peak!

Leni - hehe - the pressure! I love making trailers, though and was up pretty late last night looking for the right stock photos for Keefe's!

booklover0226 said...

I have recently discovered western romances (and have I been missing out!)

I'm looking forward in reading your works.

Tracey D
booklover0226 AT gmail DOT com

Amber Leigh Williams said...

Thank you, Tracey! I love discovering a new genre :)


Becky said...

Hi Amber, I loved the excerpt. Thanks for listing the other two of the Wayback Ridge trilogy. I have added all of them to my list to get.