Sunday, February 14, 2010

Spreading the Love Day #3

It's Valentine's Day! Yesterday, we talked about hot new releases. For holidays -especially cold ones - I usually turn to the stories I already love. Reading old favorites is the same as having a sappy chick-flick marathon on Valentine's. These are the top ten books I reach for for a guarenteed feel-good read...
10. The Last Promise by Richard Paul Evans
Reason I Love It: Forbidden couple falling in love against a Tuscan landscape. Warning: put the tissues on standby.

9. The Enchantment by Betina Krahn
Reason I Love It: Swashbuckling Vikings, kick-ass heroine (think a sword-wielding Eve Dallas), and one of the most lovable heros I've ever read.

8. Breakfast in Bed by Sandra Brown
Reason I Love It: An oldie but a goodie and a bit ahead of its time as far as heat ratings go. This quick-read packed more punch than I expected and was a pleasant surprise.

7. A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole
Reason I Love It: Three words - Scottish. Alpha. Werewolf. That is all.

6. The Heart of Devin MacKade by Nora Roberts
Reason I Love It: Nobody does inner strength in a wounded heroine better than Nora, but again it comes down to the hero, Sheriff MacKade, in this contemporary. I heart all the MacKades but Devin takes the cake! This is also my favorite Nora family saga *g*

Reason I Love It: I can't choose between my three favorites of Eve and Roarke's continuation series. The reasons I picked these: 1) Rapture - Roarke's wolfish growl as he tackles the bad guy=favorite alpha moment EVER, brings insta-chills no matter how many time I re-read, 2) Conspiracy - Roarke takes care of Eve (SO SWEET) when she loses her badge and the closer peak into her past, 3) Creation - the best romantic suspense I've read in a LONG time! And 4) *ahem* Roarke

4. Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward
Reason I Love It: Rhage, the really hawt vampire transforming into a man-eating dragon whenever he loses his temper. Which is often. And he falls in love with the most unlikely female - a dying human. One of my favorite romance couples!

3. Public Secrets by Nora Roberts
Reason I Love It: I grew up to vintage rock and this is a closer look at the rock-n-roll industry in addition to a tale of how two mere aquaintances bump into each other at chance moments in their lives then develop a wonderful relationship based on mutual respect and oh-so-tender love. Add a cold murder case and a pinch of danger and this book ROCKS!

2. Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward
Reason I Love It: The tortured hero disguised as an anti-hero. Z is the tough guy and the least likely of the Brothers to fall in love. But he falls HARD for Bella and the outcome is really kind of beautiful. My favorite, hands-down, of the series so far - mostly for the healing theme. (Also a must-read: Z and Bella's (+ baby Nalla) short story in the BDB Insider's Guide.)

1. Honest Illusions by Nora Roberts
Reason I Love It: If I had to pick a favorite romance novel, this would be it. I love the couple's long history and the elements of magic. It's so hard to create a compelling story that spans from the couple's childhood and shows them at every stage of their lives. This one blew me away because it excells at just that. The New Orleans setting and a little thievery mixed in with the main chracters went a long way toward stealing my heart!

As you can see, I don't part with my Noras easily, but I have an extra paperback copy of Sea Swept, Book I in her Quinn saga (probably my 2nd favorite family on her backlist). Just this once, I'm giving it away to one lucky commenter who tells me what they're favorite comfort read is. Comment before midnight EST, though, because this is a one-day contest. (Chances of winning depend on the number of entries and you must be 18 years or older to enter.) Please check back in tomorrow for winners of all three "Spreading the Love" giveaways + the extra price for one person who commented to every "Spreading the Love" post!

And Happy Valentine's Day to all Cozy readers! I adore you!


Bookish Magpie said...

Hi, my favourite comfort read is "Coming Home" by Rosamunde Pilcher. It's a family saga full of wonderful characters and set in Cornwall, England just before and during WW2. It's an unforgettable story and one book that I love to read again and again, particularly if I'm feeling down and want to escape from the real world.

Anonymous said...

I don't have just one comfort read, but I'll name just a few.
Rough Rider Series by Lorelei James
Fearless; Rouge Stallion by Diana Palmer
Montana Creeds Series by Linda Lael Miller
Seduction by Design and Long Time Coming by Sandra Brown

Amber Leigh Williams said...

Magpie - I love WWII romances. Thanks for the Rosamunde Pilcher recommendation.

Leni - another western romance fan! Love all the titles on your list!

Linda Henderson said...

I have so many favorite reads but these are some of my favorites, all by Nora Roberts.


Love those Donovans.

seriousreader at live dot com

Julie said...

Julie Garwood's The Wedding and Lynn Kurland's A Dance Through Time never ever fail me.

Amber Leigh Williams said...

Linda - You know, it's funny, I haven't had a chance to read the Donovans. Must remedy that.

Julie - Garwood is always a great standby and I've heard nothing but wonderful things about Kurlands's romances.

Wendy said...

OK ok man picked some of my abso faves!!! For sure Lover Awakened, God I love Z!!!! Always and forever there. Rhage....ummmm all I can say is YEAH!!! Some other comfort reads of mine....Jaquelyn Frank's Pleasure...there are some seriously heartbreaking scenes in this one. Sherrilyn Kenyons Acheron...nuff said. Julie Garwoods Ransom, again total knock out hero that is captured by the heroine. I recently read Taken with the Enemy by Tia has rapidly become a "go back". Oy there are just soooo many. Of course I CANNOT leave out JD Robb. The second book of that series where Roarke locks her in the room and she breaks down, OMG, I was in tears, tears I tell you.

Amber Leigh Williams said...

*waves* Hi, Wendi! Thanks for visiting! Ah, Roarke and Eve. So many uber-romantic scenes. I love that he carries her button in his pocket everywhere he goes, not just in Book I. Everytime that stupid button crops up in later books, I just melt. So simple but oh-so-sweet. *sniff*

I didn't anyone could love the Warden's books as much as I do. You give me run for my money, woman! Can't wait for LOVER MINE. Have I mentioned that lately? LOL