Monday, March 8, 2010

News & Upcoming Events

To celebrate Bet It On My Heart's launch, I'm on the cyber road, so to speak, this week and a bit of next. On Wednesday, March 10, I will be guesting at fellow western romance author Paty Jager's blog. And yes, I'm bringing an exclusive excerpt! Thursday, March 11, I'll be guesting at author Rachel Brimble's site. Don't miss either...

I also have a date with the Sizzlers. I'm helping some of my favorite southern ladies countdown to the Silken Sands Conference on the Beach...and I might do a giveaway or two there so save the date - Thursday, March 18th!

Don't forget I will be attending Silken Sands Conference on the Beach and presenting a workshop on "Grogging" (Group Blogging) with two fellow writers of The Roses of Prose Lisa Lipkind Leibow and Laura Breck that Friday, March 19th.

I'd also like to announce that I am now a reviewer for The Season. Check out the historical romance site, hosted by author Beverly Kendall. It's on my list of morning web-browsing.

The Romance Writers United website has been updated. Authors, this is a free organization to join and the resources have been helpful to me and others of the genre. The "Write Right" newsletter also received a makeover this month - read the March edition, which includes articles by yours truly. If you do not subscribe to RWU, contact me at and I'll forward a copy to your inbox!

More updates are on their way. I'd like to thank everyone who went out and bought Bet It On My Heart early last week and this week. Your words of praise mean the world to me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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Sherry said...

Great post, Amber. Looking forward to your interview on Sizzlers AND to the Silken Sands Conference. WOuld love to read your article. WIll have to check it out!