Friday, May 14, 2010


Welcome to another special edition of guest author spotlights during my birthday week extravaganza! Today's author, Rebecca Savage, is the author of romance Guard My Body. Take it away, Rebecca...

No matter what, the people in your lives affect your writing. If you’re a people watcher, you pick up little personality traits and appearance characteristics and put them in your work. It’s what writers do. Even non-authors watch and think about people and what they’re thinking, feeling, and doing.

Carry that a step further, and you put your feelings and how you deal with your everyday life into your stories. After all, that’s what voice is. It’s your personality and views put into your plot, dialog and internal thought.

It’s basically unavoidable. Experience makes us what we are. Even the bad experiences. Even the people we’d consider bad influences and those who drag us down as if they’re sucking the time and energy right out of our lives.

We are made up of our past experiences and those around us, whether we like it or not, and it’s hard to ignore friends, family, peers, associates, or even strangers and the way they cause us to incorporate how we see and deal with the world.

This leads to a question: Why do you read/write romance? Is it because you have true love in your life, and your husband or significant other is wonderful, and the stories are examples of how great he/she is? Or is it because you are missing that part of your life, and you fulfill that void with wonderful romantic stories that relate to something you’d like to have but haven’t found, and it’s like escapism in that way as much as it is from the daily grind?

Whatever the reason, romance is fun, and whatever subgenre you prefer just makes it all the more entertaining and diverting from the annoyance of stress in your life.

Have fun! Read romance!

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An avid reader can become a prolific writer. Such is the case with Rebecca Savage who had no idea she would eventually become a romance junkie and writer. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and MORWA and is published by Champagne Books and The Wild Rose Press. Her publishing credits include Fueled By Instinct, Cloaked In Assassination, Destination Ever After, Coincidence, Combustion, Consequences, and Double Dragon/Carnal Desires: Guard My Baby. Learn more at her website!

And now for a peek into Guard My Body...

A hard core CIA covert ops expert like Nash Kincaid takes everything seriously, especially his mission to retrieve classified information from his contact, take it to the right people, and stop the deaths of thousands of children at the hands of home-grown terrorists.

A librarian with a wild side could throw a ringer into his plans, but Ayden Devlin takes most things seriously, too, even when she decides to live out the lives of the characters in the books she reads by helping her sister Leigh, a spy for the CIA. She lets Leigh insert classified information into her mouth where there’s a missing tooth, so she can safely transport the info to Nash.

Nash and Ayden meet in a biker bar, and a hit man tries to kill Ayden. Nash throws his body in the path of a bullet to save her. A bullet grazes Ayden’s head and knocks her out cold. When she comes to, she and her rescuer have to establish trust. They don’t know each other, and the mission has gone awry. It takes time to convince each other of their respective honesty and identity.

It takes no time at all for them to realize they’re hot for each other, and not much more time to realize it’s more than heat. Love blooms, stoked by building passion, the flames rising higher with each new dangerous encounter.

Will they survive to share their love and lives?


Cathy M said...

Hi Rebecca,

I am a HEA girl, and my favorites shelf is full of stories that are heartfelt and passionate, give me memorable characters that are far from perfect, and make me care.

I've been reading all kinds of romance for over 40 years, and I love where a well written story takes me. It's that dip out of reality that can totally recharge me, and that HEA that I've come to expect gives me that feel good moment that carries over into my slice of reality.


Rebecca Savage said...

I know what you mean;
Gotta have the HEA!
Without it, the whole story seems to be a let down...just like real life can be...and who needs that:) LOL