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My birthday blog extravaganza continues with TWRP author Rachel Brimble! Welcome, Rachel!

It’s great to be here today, thanks for inviting me, Amber! I want to take this opportunity for your readers to get to know a little bit about me and my books.

To start with a little about me, I’m married with two young daughters and live in South West England, just a few short miles from the beautiful, historical city of Bath (yes, the place where Jane Austen set Northanger Abbey and Persuasion).

I began writing once my second daughter was born and it soon became a hugely important part of my life. Many writers will tell you they NEED to write and I couldn’t agree more – I write everywhere…doctor’s waiting rooms, while the kids are at dance practice, on holiday (my husband does not find this amusing in the least)…basically as much as I possibly can around a part-time job, two kids, a home and social life.

Romance as a my chosen genre happened organically – I decided to sit down and attempt a short story one Sunday afternoon and before I knew it, I was on the hazardous, bumpy path of boy meets girls, things going wrong, they try to be together, they fail, they try again and eureka! Happily Ever After triumphs!

And on it went, and after MANY short story rejections and two years had passed, I decided to forget the short story and go full steam ahead with a novel idea that had been bouncing around in my head for almost a year. The result? My first romantic suspense novel `Searching For Sophie’, which was accepted for publication by The Wild Rose Press in 2007.

Since then I have published a book a year. Another romantic suspense in 2008 called Reluctant Witness, a romantic comedy in 2009, The Sharp Points of a Triangle which I am here to talk about today…and for 2010? My very first historical, The Arrival of Lily Curtis.

The inspiration behind The Sharp Points of a Triangle was a newspaper article about a couple who met again after years apart and were married within six months – a bit cut and dried for a page-turning romantic comedy so I added one or two (or maybe closer to a dozen!) problems to keep my hero and heroine, Jamie and Hannah, apart….here’s the blurb…

Hannah Boyd has been crowned the youngest Independent Financial Adviser in the UK. She has kicked out her boyfriend whose idea of romance is leaving a present of skid-marked boxers on the bedroom floor, or sharing a chilli-kebab in front of the football on a Saturday night. She is successful, single and about to secure the one of the wealthiest men in England as a client. But then the one person she never wanted to see again reappears as her biggest competitor…and temptation.

Jamie Young never stopped loving her but is now competing against Hannah in the cut-throat business world. He has to find a way to secure both the lucrative client and her. Will she agree to work to him so he can keep her close and let him mend the heart he broke so badly? Or has he lost her forever?

I am thrilled with the reviews so far! Check them out at LASR and Got Romance Reviews! If you fancy reading the entire book, it is available direct from my publisher’s website! I LOVE hearing from readers of romance fiction or anyone generally interested in talking about books and writing, feel free to contact me anytime on

Rebecca Brimble is an author of both Romantic Suspense, Romantic Comedy and most recently Historical Romance. She lives in Chippenham, England, a small market town near the famous Georgian city of Bath or Jane Austen country as some people like to call it. Find out more about her upcoming releases at her website!

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She said...

Good luck with your historical. Your books sound good. It's always fun to find out how an author started writing. And as long as you're happy writing, your husband is probably happy also.