Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Latest News...

I just wanted to pop in and announce that the audio release date for Bet It On My Heart (Book III in the Wayback Ridge Trilogy) has been pushed back to September 28. I'm still finalizing my notes on the audible version of the book and a cover is forthcoming.

September 2010 has so far been pretty intense with three audio book launches - my first! Thank you to The Wild Rose Press for choosing the Ridge family saga to be published in audio. What an unexpected and thrilling honor! I mentioned this time last year that I had no idea the Ridges would go so far as to be published in paperback. It really blows my mind that they're now charging their way into the audio-verse. After what AudioLark's art department has delivered with the first two books in the trilogy, I really can't wait to see what they give me for Keefe and Calli's cover!

Just a little bit of a head's up on what else I'm up to this month. An ill-advised file transfer bit a good chunk out of my Regency WIP. Speaking now from experience, if you're going to transfer your manuscript files, please do so on a good night's rest. Rewriting is a five-letter word that ryhmes with "itch...." Thankfully, my notes on the lost material are still intact so it shouldn't be too much of a set-back. I also have been brainstorming for my fourth paranormal and came up with a nice story-arc that will lead nicely into book five of the series. I've gone around and around on where to start this story and finally found the perfect opening. I'm excited to write the scene but some organziation is in order so I can get all my scattered plot points in a row. I'm thinking Halloween would be the best time to tackle the beginning of book four! *cue wolfish howling*

When I'm not picking my way through the audio versions of the Ridge trilogy or pre-plotting my vampire's upcoming storyline, I'm reading like a maniac to keep up with my September TBR. I'm not complaining, though. I'm especially looking forward to reading Larissa Ione's final Demonica installment, Sin Undone. With October coming up fast, that should really put me in the spirit! Next month, I'll be lining up my third quarter recommended reads. Until then, look for my historical reviews at The Season where owner Beverley Kendall has set up pages for her reviewers. And for the latest reviews and chances to win titles - from romances of just about every sub-genre to mystery - be sure to check out The Season Blog. And speaking of Halloween 2010, I think I've found my costume, courtesy of NAL and Bertrice Small's latest. ALW meets The Border Vixen.... Yeah, I think it could work. Now to talk the hub into a kilt. The sword should cheer him up :)

On the subject of my Monday postings at The Roses of Prose, the blog is going through a revamp. No final decision has been made on when our new format will go live, but while there will be no Monday postings from me, Saturday Spotlights are unchanged. In fact, stop by this weekend to win a free paperback romance from fellow TWRP author Cate Masters!

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