Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Writers' Holiday Wish List

It's that time again: wish list time! Whether you've been naughty or nice this year, here are a few goodies you'll more likely than not find on writers/readers' Christmas list:

The NOOK. This e-reader has jumped bookstore chains and is now available not just from its creators at Barnes & Noble but at Books-a-Millions across the southeast as well! The fun thing about the Nook is its accessories, in my opinion. You can color code it and even truck it around in its own custom satchel. A fun gift for those who don't already have a Kindle, a Sony, or a Nook of their own yet. I hear it's definitely worth the big bucks....

LAPDESK. For every writer especially, a lapdesk is definitely a plus. It makes your workspace that much more portable. Also when laptops are balanced on the sheets of the bed or even your lap, the air vent is blocked, causing the laptop to overwork and even overheat. Usually lapdesks come with built-in wrist support and these days several even come with their own lights (usually LED) and an adjustable base.

BOOKENDS. Barnes and Noble this year in particular has some really great bookends. Rodin's Thinker and Shakespeare made of black stone are some of my favorites. The hub loves the chess pieces. There's something for everyone - children to adult and quirky to intellectual. If the readers and writers in your life are anything like me, they have books lying all over the place. Structure and organization are always a plus.

GIFT CARDS. Some say that giving gift cards to people you know and love is taboo. But for me, there's nothing better - especially if the gift cards can be used online. They give me the freedom to buy whatever's on my to-read list - which, by the way, takes up a good chunk of my Chrstimas wish list. Online gift cards are awesome because they allow readers to purchase ebooks instead of paperbacks at lower prices as well as avoiding shipping costs altogether. (Note: if your writer friend likes to jam while working on his/her latest WIP, an iTunes gift card works wonders too!)

LEATHERBOUND CLASSICS. Nothing makes me geek out more than the words "collector's edition." Especially when it comes to names like Jane Austen and William Shakespeare. My personal favorite leatherbound classic available now at Barnes & Noble? Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales. There's also a three-in-one set called The Supernatural Collection which includes Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles, The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe, and Gregory MacGuire's Wicked and Son of a Witch. Also? The Fantasy Collection (H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, and Douglas Adams' The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy). Are you geeking out yet? No, just me? Okay, moving right along....

2011 PLANNER. Purse-sized works best, in my experience. Writers, especially those on multiple deadlines, need to have their ducks in a row, whether those ducks be marketing, editorial, writing, plotting, networking, etc. Usually when buying planners, I look for those that leave plenty of space to note details. This works especially well for guest apperances on the web as well as agent/editors' email or physical addresses. A contact resource in the front or back of the planner works well, too. Also a planner that notes holidays and special occassions is a plus. When I'm sunk deep in plotting or writing, I all-too-easily lose track of things like that.

BOOKLIGHT. Night writers love this little gadget because nothing is better than reading a chapter before bed...and by the time we come to bed, the lights are already out. A booklight works well for travel, as well. Just be careful when picking one out. I've had three that didn't last long because they were cheap. The batteries have fallen out. The lightbulbs themselves have gone mysteriously missing. Durable is best because they'll probably end up chucked in a purse or travel case at some point.

SUBSCRIPTIONS. This works for both writers and readers as well, whether they're into romance or not. A subscription to Writer's or Reader's Digest every year is something I know a lot of book lovers had to give up during the recession and, chances are, they probably never got it back. Nothing says love more than a year's free subscription to a Digest or, for romance fans, Romantic Times.

The TRUSTY NOTEBOOK. For most writers, it all goes back to the handy-dandy notebook. I'm always in need of a good brainstorm/plotting/random ideas notebook. Like the planner, the best notebooks are portable for purses. And, like the booklight, the best ones are durable. My spirals go through a LOT by the time they're full-up. They could practically tell their own story - and it wouldn't reflect very well on my TLC skills....

So there you have it! Cozies, I'd love to hear what's on your bookish or writing-related wish list this holiday season!

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