Friday, January 28, 2011

20 Questions Valentine's Event Schedule

Hi Cozies! Sorry for the delay on this post. Wednesday evening I was feeling sneezy. It occured to me, somewhat ironically, that I should probably get my flu shot this year. I woke up the next morning with a sore throat and sinus ickiness. Last night both the hub and I got about two hours sleep thanks to fever, chills, body aches, and all around ick. This morning I am feeling a bit better, but now that we're three days away I don't think there will be a Valentine's Day Event banner.

I can, however, say for certain that there will be some awesome prizes handed out from Febuary 1st to the 14th! I've already received the answers to several of our guest authors' 20 Questions. Let me just say - it's going to be a blast! I also have a special volunteer to help get things going - my muse, Tink. Well, she didn't actually volunteer. I figure as long as she isn't helping me write, she might as well put herself to good use :)

Here's the official list of participants for the 20 Questions Valentine's Day Event here at The Cozy Page....

February 1 -Mariposa Cruz

February 2 - Eve Knight

February 3 - Linda Morris

February 4 – Ella Vines

February 5 – Alexandra Kane

February 6 - Jerri Hines

February 7 – Paty Jager

February 8 – Laura Breck

February 9 – Lisa Lipkind Leibow

February 10 – Gwyneth Greer

February 11 – Elaine Cantrell

February 12 - Shona Husk

February 13 – Judy Jarvie

February 14 - Taryn Kincaid

The party kicks off on Monday, January 31 with a special Valentine's Day free read from yours truly! Recurring characters will be here with spurs on. Hint, hint ;)

The giveaways and 20 Questions hooplah begins Tuesday, February 1st! Don't miss out on some great prizes - and I encourage readers to ask the guests of our Valentine's Day Event random and quirky questions of their own!

Since I won't get to post these on Valentine's, I thought I'd share these vintage valentines with today's post! Don't you miss the days of little paper bags and cards? I know I do....

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