Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Pics...

The minion celebrated his first Halloween last night! I thought I’d post some pics from our trick-or-treating adventures. Here he is dressed like the wee skervy pirate prince he is….

"Surrender yer hearts!"
And here’s a family photo. Our little Smee. I’m channeling as much Penelope Cruz from On Stranger Tides as I can…and the hub, dressed in black, we determined is Peter Pan’s shadow. In other words, he found a clever ruse for not dressing up….
Another family photo, this one with my sister dressed as Tiger Lily….

And my mother couldn’t resist dropping by for the minion's first trick-or-treating experience. Here she is in her pointy witch’s hat….
"Happy Halloween, mateys!"
Yes, there were plenty of questions from neighbors as to why there were four adults accompanying one tiny pirate. And when asked where the candy would go, we said, “It’s for Daddy.” The minion was clearly just our “candy beard.” They did, however, happily surrender the booty (erm, the candy, that is) anyway. I don’t have any pictures of the loot. Between four hungry adults, it went quickly as did the pot roast that was warm in the slow cooker when we returned home. I have to say it was a happy Halloween indeed. I hope yours was just as cheery, Cozies!

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