Thursday, February 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday Book Club Pick....

Welcome to our second Throwback Thursday Book Club! Today’s selection is for those who love historical romance, particularly those of the Regency variety….

Author: Christine Wells

Genre: Historical Romance (Regency)

Originally Published: 2009 (from Berkley Sensation)

Back Cover Blurb: The Marquis of Vane hungers for Lady Sarah from afar as she braves a disastrous marriage. That is until Sarah's husband makes him an indecent offer: one night with Sarah for ten thousand pounds. Passions explode and lead to a deadly twist of fate that could spell a lifetime of regret-or love.

Why I Recommend It: While this title is unfortunately hard to find these days, I must admit that I came across it years ago by accident. It also led to my obsession with Regency romance. In fact, all I read for a period of almost two years was Regency romance. Also…this book desperately made me want to write a Regency romance novel, a feat I’m still trying to conjure to this day…. If you’re looking for a bit of an unconventional or a modern Regency, this book’s for you!

Amazon Average Rating: 4 Stars (It’s on my keeper shelf; definitely 5/5 in my book!)
This wintry weather is making me long for spring…and, I’ll admit it, even summer—because summer reminds me of lake days like these. Last month, my husband, son, sister, and I met my father at our family lake house. The water was down about fifty feet from the seawall. My husband had the wonderful idea of encapsulating some of the sandy/grainy lake bottom in glass jars so that we could seal them and keep them forever. We wound up taking two bottles home to the coast to have with us even on days like today when summer and lake vacations seem very far away. It also serves to remind me of days like the one on which this photo was taken at a place fondly referred to by our family as “Three Pines,” a teensy weensy island in the middle of the lake where we picnicked as kids. It no longer has three pine trees, as the name would entail. I think most of the island has been lost to erosion. There's hardly room to tie up your boat and camp anymore. But two summers ago, we returned to Three Pines by boat to take a host of nostalgic pictures. My sister and I even went so far as to recreate a sentimental pose from our early childhood. Whenever I need a little dose of sunshine to brighten my winter days, I go back to this album. Mm, yes. I can just feel the lake sand squishing between my toes….
Warm thoughts to you and yours, Cozies -- and, as always, happy reading!

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