Saturday, October 17, 2009


Lovely surprise in my inbox tonight from Coffee Time Romance - a 4-cup review from reviewer Maura:

"This is a wonderfully written story of a forbidden love during wartime. The two main characters are extremely well developed and sympathetic and I felt so much sympathy for their plight. The setting of Italy during World War II is an exciting one filled with political intrigue and danger from all sides. The author has brought the era to life and filled it with some memorable characters. The villain DiMarco in particular jumps off the page. The descriptions of the Renaldi’s lives during wartime are quite detailed, from their personal lives to their social lives. Fear makes some members less than honorable and brings out the best in others, even family can turn against one. Lucille’s trials and tribulations and her love for Charles will keep the reader riveted from the first page to the last one."

Thank you to Maura and CTR! I particularly like the line "Their romance is dangerous and forbidden, but love does not always follow the rules." For the full review, visit CTR here!

And great news, not only is Forever Amore available in paperback and ebook at Black Lyon Publishing; you can now purchase the Kindle edition here!

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