Friday, October 16, 2009

Special Guest: Celia Yeary

Today I’m thrilled to welcome another very special guest to Cozy, fellow Wayback author Celia Yeary whose novella Showdown in Southfork is available now from The Wild Rose Press!

Marla Ellington inherits an abandoned town on ranchland near Wayback, Texas. When she arrives to claim her property, and finds Cody Matheson sitting on the porch of the dilapidated honky-tonk, her temper flares hotter than her pistol. Anger blazing, she settles in for a showdown.

Cody’s only goal for the week is to win the bull-riding event at the Saturday night rodeo. But when Marla receives an anonymous threat that forces her to leave town, Cody finds himself smack-dab in the middle of a mystery. ’Course, catching a criminal and lasting eight seconds on a bull are easy compared to winning the love of the feisty, strawberry-blonde beauty who wants nothing to do with him. Now it's his turn for a showdown.
Welcome to The Cozy Page, Celia, and many congrats on the Wayback release! I’m eager to talk about Showdown in Southfork! It’s a wonderful addition to the Wayback series. It also harkens back to the suspenseful themes we found in Judith Rochelle’s Shadow of the Hawk and Sylvie Kaye’s Wrong Side of Love. Can you tell us a bit about this?

I’d be happy to. First, it’s light-hearted, even though an unknown person threatens Marla, and it’s humorous and a little sexy. I based the story on a real event about Albert, Texas—population 4. John Cave owned it—yes, he owned this ghost town with acreage and an old honkytonk—and placed it on eBay. Since we drive by that small place often when traveling, I “wrote” the story in my head on the way to our destination.

Intriguing! Your heroine Marla definitely lives up to Wayback’s feisty standards. Tell us a bit about Marla and what motivates her.

Marla is from a semi-wealthy family in Dallas, rather pampered as the only girl, but still, she has an independent streak. She inherits the town from her eccentric grandfather who lived there all alone until he died. The catch—she must stay there one week to claim her inheritance. When she arrives, Cody is there, a stranger, and the sparks fly.

I already love hero Cody. Cowboy and bull-rider are welcome qualities around these parts ;) Can you give us more insight into Cody’s character? What attracts him to Marla?

Cody is easy going and somewhat lazy when he’s free of actual work. But when he must accomplish something, he’s all male, strong-willed, and well—“bullheaded.” He loves to tease, play, and flirt, and he finds cute feisty Marla the perfect target. And she plays right into his hands—pun intended.

What is it about the cowboy hero that is so endearing?

Good question. Cowboys, as we know them or create them, are protective, aggressive, respectful, and loyal. Yep, that’s a cowboy for you. They can have broken hearts waiting to be mended by the right woman, a thick skull a female usually must crack to get a point across, and arrogance fit to kill when he thinks he’s right. Through everything, he’s looking for love—sometimes in all the wrong places—but we’ll forgive him for that.

What compelled you to write a story for the Wayback series? Care to share any of your favorite Wayback series moments?

I read the first two Wayback stories, and fell in love with the town and the story line. The series became very popular right away. I knew authors were submitting, so I began to yearn for that place in the Wayback lineup. You see, I have a killer instinct. Most people see me as a kind, sweet, mature woman. But underneath, I want to win. So, place a challenge before me and I’ll work very hard to make it my own. Now, I’m hoping my book will be in an anthology—most of my local friends and family want a book to hold, not read online, and they’d buy the anthology.

Please let us here at Cozy know if Showdown is printed in an anthology! You have another western romance available from The Wild Rose Press. Give us the skinny on Yellow Rose All My Hopes and Dreams.

It’s a story about two opposites—prim, proper, spoiled Cynthia Harrington who wants to choose her own husband but her father selects one for her; and Ricardo Romero, a wealthy Spaniard in town to buy blooded mares. Impulsively, he asks for her hand in marriage. She accepts and he takes her home to the ranch. Each must learn how to live with the other, and the task is not easy.

Do you have any upcoming titles readers should look out for?

Texas Blue has a release date in January 2010. It parallels All My Hopes and Dreams, in a way. I took characters from one to write the other story. This is a full-length novel.

According to your website, though Texas is your home, you travel quite a bit. What are your favorite places to visit and where haven’t you been that you would like to go?

We’ve traveled all over Europe, part of Russia, the Scandinavian countries, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, and of course, the United States. I’ve never visited a place I didn’t enjoy in some way. I cannot choose a favorite at all. But one place we’ve not been is Ireland and Scotland. If we do fly across the ocean again, I’d love to visit those places.

Okay, now for the fun part! What’s your zodiac and what does it say for today?

Virgo. ‘You thrive under deadlines now. Not everyone is as thrill-seeking as you, so be patient with the steady quiet ones.’ Very true—I do my best under pressure and with close deadlines.

If you could set a romance where you live, what genre would it be? Sweeping historical, heart-pounding romantic suspense, or hot contemporary?

I live in the Texas Hill Country-rugged, rough and beautiful. I would have to place a sweeping historical here!...with maybe a little hot sex thrown in. Why not?

If you were a mixed drink, what would you be and why?

Margarita, definitely. It says, “I’ve worked hard, so I’ll kick back, turn on some Tejano music, sit with someone I love, and have a plate of jalapeno cheese nachos to go with it.”

What recent read would you recommend?

Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa Kleypas. It’s not erotic, but it’s plenty hot.

What’s your favorite smell and is there anything that makes it significant?

Hmmm, wet, green grass, freshly mowed. Here in Central Texas, we often have long droughts and all the grass turns brown. With a little rain, it pops right back, and I feel rejuvenated and blessed. And the smell is lovely.

And last but not least, if you found your heart’s desire at the end of the rainbow, what would it be?

Oh, that’s difficult. My heart’s desire—to have my three young grandsons grow into worthwhile, happy young men who will make a difference in their world.

Thanks again for lounging with us here at The Cozy Page, Celia! I’m sure my readers will look forward to reading Showdown in Southfork. I definitely look forward to your January Cactus Rose release! To close, would you mind giving us a nibble of Showdown?


Cody turned to her, shaking his head. “Not a good spot for your bedroll. Not good at all.”

“Why not?”

“I saw mice droppings over here when I arrived.”

“Mice?” she squeaked.

“Yeah, I guess they come out over here.”

“Noooo,” she said with her hands on her cheeks. “Is that the truth?”

“Seems likely to me. That’s why I sleep back over there.” He motioned with his head.

“Then, where am I going to sleep?”

Cody looked behind her, and said, “Whoa! One just popped his little head out that hole.”

Goosebumps popped up on Marla’s arms and down her back. In one motion, she squealed, “Eeek!” sounding just like one of the mice again, turned, and slammed into Cody. He stood his ground while she literally climbed up his body, grasping his shirt, wrapping her legs around his hips, and moving on up to clasp her arms around his neck.

After only a few moments, she noticed that he hadn’t moved, except to lock his arms around her bottom and boost her a little higher. Leaning back, she looked into his face. He grinned like a Cheshire cat, or the one that got the cream, not unlike the roguish grin she’d seen earlier.
The man was dangerous.

“I’ll get down now,” she said, pursing her lips and looking away.

“Well…you’re gonna have to let go of my neck.”

When she did, he kept her escape in check by allowing her to slide down his body, unhurried, holding her close. When she stood toe-to-toe with him, she make the biggest mistake of her life. She looked up into his eyes.

“You sure are a little thing,” he whispered.

“I’m petite.”

“You’re short and compact,” he said low and sexy.

“I’m…will you stop it?”

“Haven’t done anything, yet.”

She raised one eyebrow in challenge. “Well?”

Great excerpt, Celia! Thank you again for sharing and I wish you tons of sales!
Readers, sound off: what are your favorite ingredients in a cowboy hero's character? Who're your favorites and why do they stand out? And don’t forget to stop by The Wild Rose Press and get your copy of Showdown in Southfork today!


Emma Lai said...

Congrats on the new release, Celia! Loved the excerpt! Happy belated birthday from a fellow Virgo!

Celia Yeary said...

EMMA--thank you! And happy Belated bithday to you, too. I knew we had something in common! Celia

Debra St. John said...

Oh I do love those bull-ridin' cowboys. Cody sounds absolutely yummy! Congrats on your new release.

Emma Lai said...

We have lots more in common, Celia. I, too, work best with a deadline, live in TX though alas not in the beautiful Hill Country, write for TWRP, and love to travel. And those are just the ones I know off the top of my head!

Mona Risk said...

Celia-- I always enjoy reading new things about you and getting to know you better. Cute excerpt.

Celia Yeary said...

Debra--Thanks! Who can resist a yummy cowboy. Celia

Celia Yeary said...

Thanks you, Mona--you're such a good friend. I appreciate your reading my blog.Celia